As Transport and Accommodation Problems Are Increasing in Many Cities

As transport and accommodation problems are increasing in many cities, some governments are encouraging businesses to move to rural areas. Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

People have started to migrate to urban areas for greener pastures, and this movement has increased the number of vehicles and the shortage of housing in metropolitan cities. Some governments are stimulating businesses to shift to rustic areas. In my perspective, it will help in reducing congestion, unemployment and will have more benefits than disadvantages.

First off, it is praiseworthy efforts of the government to relocate industries in rustic areas by considering housing and transport problems because mass migration to cities creates housing problems along with traffic congestion. So, if people get employment in rustic regions, then they will be less interested in shifting to cities for earning bread and butter. This will reduce the number of automobiles on the road, and it will be a good alternative to save our flora and fauna as people will need a place to live, resultantly to meet the demands of people deforestation will take place. Lots of animals will lose their habitat. So establishing small scale industries can solve these problems. Moreover, city dwellers will face less pollution due to toxic gases from automobiles. For instance, in many parts of the developing countries, governments have set up factories that make footwear and deal with textiles. At the same time, others deal with making masks, sanitisers. So people avail themselves the opportunity by getting a job, and in this way, they will less prefer to relocate to megapolis.

Furthermore, stimulating firms to move to rural areas also entice the urban masses to earn handsome income by working in remote areas and other incentives. Constructing housing near industries will neutralize the migration to cities as well as make the place renowned for its tranquillity as rustic areas are full of greenery and rejuvenate people. Other developments such as shopping malls the departmental store will also emerge to meet the growing needs of people.

To conclude, although problems of transport and housing are mushrooming, but establishing industries in countryside areas, is a great boon for the rural people as they will not move to cities for jobs and they will be able to fulfil their basic needs while living at their places; resultantly, number of automobiles will be less on the roads. So it has more advantages than disadvantages.

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