Describe a Company Where You Live that Employs a Lot of People (1)

Describe a Company Where You Live that Employs a Lot of People

Describe a company where you live that employs a lot of people. You should say:

  • What does it do?
  • How many people does it employ?
  • What kind of people work there?
  • How do you feel about it?

Sample Answer of Describe a Company Where You Live that Employs a Lot of People

Organizations and businesses are the pillars of the economy. Which control the whole economy and give employment through people at today I want to talk about a particular organization which is near to my house I live in Delhi and a lot of organization and companies which work together and give a lot of employment were people near to my house the company name is Nestle it is located near to my house Karolbagh that company had employed more than a hundred people as a mechanical technician for as a market strategy planner people who work there and they are satisfied with their job.

That company employs a lot of people as well as it has a lot of branches not only in Delhi but all over India as well as this company is famous for its food and beverage items even sometimes. I think about how the company’s overall revenue and how it plans and makes a strategy for an overall profit; that’s what my curious Minds think about how that company makes great revenue, and I feel that. If I get to know the main strategies and how the people and the management think about the business love to do even if I in a future fight want to do the job in that company I do it as a technical engineer ambulance. Still, I think about the company is that it comes in a top 10 companies to India.

Overall that company will go further as it mostly launches new products related to children and food items. The food they provide to the customer is helpful and healthy. It is used daily and sold by the time I think that company will grow and take over one hundred thousand dollars after few years all in all that company have shelf and competition. as well as the competition is less because just a few companies make products for children and for pregnant women that food items can be used as a portion of fast food but which is the call to be healthy Armaan, for example, Maggi product mostly consumed by a lot of consumers as well as the main point is that it is cheaper and easy to cook these are some products which actually can show the overall of the company in future

Follow Ups of Describe a Company Where You Live that Employs a Lot of People

Question 1. Is it easy to find a job in India?

Answer:- Finding a job in India is difficult because that process takes a long time, and even for one job, there are more than a hundred people who want to achieve that job. I would say just that scenario is because of overpopulation murder. If a person has a skill and good in his profession, he will find a job by doing hard work and pass the interview successfully.

Question 2. What should the Government do if there is unemployment?

Answer:- There is unemployment in a country definitely. The government has to talk with other countries MNCs and how they can generate more employment by giving people skills and even to help underprivileged people more so. They can also get better jobs and change your lifestyle overall.

Question 3. Is a high salary important?

Answer:- Absolutely for talk about the particular calorie high salary it is important to change a person’s lifestyle because that’s the main motive to do the job as well as a person get a high paid salary he will do more hard work and gave his hundred per cent and his back posture potential to an organization which help not only that particular one but to the whole organization as well so at some point I think it is important to have a high salary according to personal skills

Question 4. Is it ok to do a job you like with a low salary?

Answer:- If a person does a job that he likes definitely he can do it for a low salary but if we get satisfied more definite eight will help him as well as he does it not for other motives but for satisfaction as well as civil do his best even get a low salary but at some point, if you learn something from their job definitely he can do it, and he will do it if a person is satisfied to that salary amount.

Question 5. Are there many big companies in your country?

Answer:- Absolutely there are a lot of more than thousand km big companies in my country, and definitely, all generate a lot of employment, and if I talk about particular in Delhi, there are more than 50 vacancies and companies and Organisation as well.

Question 6. How can a small company grow big?

Answer:- A small company can grow by its plans in strategies to the employer and employee both do hard work to achieve their particular goal they in the time they definitely can achieve and take the small company to a big organization.

Question 7. Should big companies donate more to charities?

Answer:- Absolutely as I heard from my friends and even I just saw some news on television, I can observe that big companies give a lot of Charity to a people who need money, and definitely it depend on the employer if he or she wants to give a donation for better development of the country in charities.

Question 8. Should big companies be punished more seriously if they break the law?

Answer:- Absolutely is same for everyone and even if it is a big company or even it is small company rules are simple everyone, and if anyone breaks that rule definitely they will be punished as well as for example in Neelam Modi took money from Punjab National Bank and rained away from the country that the crime and that scholar fraud for that if a person and even organization do wrong things definitely they have to punish more should be some fine and even if the crime is so hard Government have to put them in jail and also close that organization’ management who do that crime.

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