Describe A Competition You Would Like To Take Part In

Describe a competition you would like to take part in

  • What kind of competition it is?
  • What would you do in this competition?
  • Why does this competition interest you?

Sample Answer of Describe A Competition You Would Like To Take Part In

One competition I would love to participate in is a photography competition. I have always had a passion for photography and love to capture moments through my camera lens.

In this competition, I would be required to submit a set of photographs based on a specific theme or topic. I would select my best shots and submit them for the competition, hoping to impress the judges and stand out among other talented photographers.

The thing that interests me the most about this competition is the opportunity to showcase my photography skills and learn from other talented photographers. It would be an excellent platform for me to gain recognition, build my portfolio, and connect with like-minded individuals who share the same passion for photography.

To prepare for the competition, I would research different photography techniques, experiment with different settings on my camera, and practice taking photographs in various lighting conditions. I would also seek feedback from friends and family to help me improve my skills and select the best photographs to submit for the competition.

In conclusion, participating in a photography competition would be an incredible experience for me as it would allow me to showcase my creativity and skills in photography, connect with other talented photographers, and learn from them. It would be an excellent opportunity for me to pursue my passion and take it to the next level.

Follow ups Describe A Competition You Would Like To Take Part In

Question 1 What kinds of people are competitive?

Answer – Competitive people are usually those who have a strong drive to succeed and achieve their goals. They thrive on challenges and enjoy pushing themselves to be the best they can be. They are often ambitious, determined, and focused individuals who have a clear idea of what they want to achieve in life. They are willing to work hard, take risks, and learn from their failures to achieve their goals. Competitive people also tend to be self-motivated, disciplined, and have a strong desire to win. They enjoy the feeling of accomplishment and the satisfaction of being recognized for their achievements. They are not afraid to go the extra mile and put in the extra effort to reach their goals, no matter how challenging or difficult the task may be.

Question 2 What kind of activities/competitions people like to take part in?

Answer – People like to take part in a wide variety of activities and competitions, depending on their interests, passions, and abilities. Some people enjoy physical activities and sports competitions, such as running, football, basketball, or swimming. Others prefer mental challenges and competitions, such as quizzes, debates, or puzzle-solving contests. Some people enjoy creative competitions, such as art or music contests, while others may be interested in academic competitions, such as science fairs or spelling bees. People may also be interested in competition related to business or entrepreneurship, such as pitch contests or startup competitions. Ultimately, people tend to choose activities and competitions that allow them to showcase their skills and talents while also providing a fun and engaging challenge.

Question 3 What kinds of competitions are popular in your hometown?

Answer – In my hometown, there are various competitions that are popular among people. Sports competitions such as football, cricket, badminton, and volleyball are quite common. Additionally, music competitions, art competitions, and dance competitions are also popular. However, the most popular competition in my hometown is the annual science exhibition, where students can showcase their science projects and ideas. This competition encourages students to learn more about science and technology and helps in nurturing their curiosity. The competition is also an opportunity for the students to learn from one another, share their knowledge and ideas and foster a love for science in the community.

Question 4 Why do you think there are many competition programs on TV today?

Answer – There are many reasons why there are so many competition programs on TV today. One reason is that people enjoy watching talented individuals compete against each other, which creates a sense of excitement and anticipation. Additionally, these programs often showcase different skills and abilities, giving viewers the opportunity to learn new things or gain inspiration. Competition programs also offer a chance for individuals to showcase their talents and potentially gain recognition or fame. For TV networks, these programs are often highly profitable due to their popularity and ability to attract a large audience. Overall, the popularity of competition programs on TV can be attributed to the various benefits they offer both viewers and networks.

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