Describe a Piece of Good Advice that You Gave to Someone

Describe a Piece of Good Advice that You Gave to Someone. You should say:-

  • Who did you give the advice to?
  • What was the advice?
  • Why did you give the advice?
  • And explain how he/she followed your advice.

Sample 1:- Describe a Piece of Good Advice that You Gave to Someone

On a serene evening in Jammu, I had a heartfelt conversation with Rohit, an architect fresh out of college. He was on the brink of accepting a high-profile job in a metropolitan city when he shared his reservations with me.

Rohit’s roots were deeply embedded in Jammu’s rich history and architectural heritage. However, the promise of a lucrative job outside was hard to resist. Recognizing his passion for Jammu’s traditional structures and the potential for heritage conservation, I advised him to consider working on restoration projects within the region. I believe that his modern architectural training and a deep reverence for Jammu’s history could play a pivotal role in preserving its ancient towers.

My counsel was grounded in the idea that sometimes, genuine fulfilment lies not in the most obvious choices but in those that resonate with our innermost passions. With its ancient temples and palaces, Jammu presented a canvas awaiting Rohit’s expertise.

Embracing the advice, Rohit collaborated with local authorities and began restoration projects, focusing on some of Jammu’s most iconic structures. Over time, he became instrumental in conserving architectural marvels and training young architects in heritage conservation.

Today, Rohit stands as a beacon for those who choose passion over convention, ensuring that the architectural wonders of Jammu continue to enchant generations to come.

Sample 2:- Describe a Piece of Good Advice that You Gave to Someone

Last summer, while admiring the breathtaking landscapes of Kashmir, I became acquainted with Yasmeen, a young woman from Srinagar. She was an artisan skilled in crafting exquisite Pashmina shawls but was contemplating moving to a city for a more “stable” job.

Yasmeen’s craftsmanship was unparalleled. She had inherited the art from her ancestors, weaving stories of Kashmir’s beauty into each shawl. However, the allure of a steady income and a life away from the valley’s uncertainties made her question her vocation. Observing her talent and understanding the cultural significance of her craft, I advised her to consider establishing an online platform to showcase and sell her Pashmina creations. By doing so, she could reach a global audience, promoting Kashmir’s heritage while also securing a livelihood.

My advice was influenced by the understanding that traditional arts, like Pashmina weaving, are the threads that connect us to our past. In a digital age, they can find new avenues and audiences, ensuring their preservation.

Intrigued, Yasmeen began her online journey. With some guidance on digital marketing, she set up a store and started receiving orders from various parts of the world. Her shawls, each narrating tales of Kashmir, found homes across continents.

Today, Yasmeen’s enterprise sustains her family and empowers several artisans in her community, reinforcing the belief that tradition and modernity can coexist and flourish.

Sample 3:- Describe a Piece of Good Advice that You Gave to Someone

On one of my visits to Punjab, the land of five rivers and vibrant culture, I met Harbir, a young farmer with dreams larger than his farmlands. He was contemplating selling his ancestral land to migrate to a city in search of better opportunities.

Harbir’s concerns revolved around the declining profitability of traditional farming in Punjab. While the urban allure was tempting, he also deeply loved his homeland. Observing his predicament, I advised him to explore the concept of ‘agritourism’. Given Punjab’s rich cultural heritage and the global trend of experiential travel, turning a part of his farm into a rustic retreat could be both lucrative and fulfilling.

My suggestion sprang from the belief that travellers nowadays seek authentic experiences. With its warm hospitality, folk music, and traditional cuisines, Punjab offers a unique proposition for such travelers.

Motivated by our conversation, Harbir dedicated himself to this new venture. He converted a section of his farm into a homestay, offering guests a taste of authentic Punjabi rural life – from sowing seeds to enjoying a meal by a bonfire with live Bhangra performances.

Today, Harbir’s agritourism initiative is preserving Punjab’s cultural essence and providing him with a sustainable income. His story is a testament to the idea that sometimes the best opportunities lie in our roots, waiting to be unearthed.

Sample 4:- Describe a Piece of Good Advice that You Gave to Someone

While exploring the verdant valleys of Uttarakhand, I encountered Tara, a young woman from a small village near Nainital. She was passionate about the region’s indigenous flora and often lamented the loss of traditional knowledge concerning local medicinal plants.

Tara expressed her desire to study pharmacology in a metropolitan city. However, she was conflicted, as this would mean leaving her village and the wealth of indigenous knowledge she was exposed to. Sensing her passion and understanding the uniqueness of her situation, I advised her to consider documenting the traditional medicinal practices of her village. She could bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and modern science by doing so.

The premise of my advice was the realization that Uttarakhand, with its diverse range of medicinal plants and age-old practices, could offer invaluable insights into the world of medicine. With her background and interest, Tara was perfectly positioned to undertake this task.

Inspired by our discussion, Tara began her project. She collaborated with village elders, cataloguing plants and recording traditional remedies. Her endeavour culminated in a comprehensive digital archive, which she later presented at various academic forums.

Today, Tara is not only pursuing her degree in pharmacology but also serves as a vital link between traditional knowledge and modern research, ensuring that the rich medicinal heritage of Uttarakhand is not lost to time.

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