Describe a Piece of News Affected the Most

Describe a piece of news affected the most

You should say:

  • what it was about
  • when you heard/ read about it
  • what the story was
  • and explain why it was affected you.

Sample Answer of Describe a Piece of News Affected the Most

What an interesting topic. I want to talk about a piece of interesting and captivating local news that I heard on our local channel TV. It was aired about 7 years ago. It was 10 pm news, and the news story caught my eyes. It was about a married woman that drove a tricycle to make a living. This woman is a widow with five children, all in school.

The tricycle was a rented one in which she will be remitting some money daily as the TV news has described. It is her strong determination not to seek any help to survive that brought her to the light.

Finally, I found the piece of news to be interesting because it made me realize that even though we don’t value people in our society because of their appearance, ironically, it seems that these people seem to have a greater sense of self-respect. Besides, the news also taught me that in any condition we find ourselves, we can survive if we determine.

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