Describe a Thing You Got without Paying Money

Describe a thing you got without paying money

  • What was it?
  • How did you get it?
  • Who gave it to you?
  • How did you feel after receiving it?

Well, many times, people do purchase. They either do it offline or online. Sometimes they become spendthrift, and many times they are unable to purchase any kind of products due to a shortage of money. A similar thing happened to me when there was a need to buy a beautiful gown to wear at my cousin's wedding; but, I was too hard up to buy fancy clothes.

Coincidentally, my uncle had been to England to attend the wedding of my cousin, and he purchased a formal suit in the nick of time. Unfortunately, when he wore it, the ill-fitting of the suit made him a caricature. Instead of grooming his personality, he looked weird.

I was also shocked because my uncle had spent a hefty amount to purchase it. Therefore, my uncle asked for my help, and we both went to a Shopping Mall in Chandigarh. My uncle returned it and tried to find another one. So we went on a shopping spree. My uncle tried many dresses, but not every single dress could catch his attention. Eventually, he asked the shopkeeper to refund the money; however, the shopkeeper insisted on purchasing another one according to the company's policy.

There was no other option than my uncle told me to sit in the car and he went inside the shop. In the evening, my uncle came to me and gave me a beautiful box, which had been wrapped beautifully. He told me to open it, and I was taken aback to see a beautiful dress for me. It was the same gown, which I had been thinking of purchasing. Initially, I didn't accept the offer, but after insisting many times, I accepted it as a token of love.

My uncle told me that I had devoted my precious time to finding a dress and he had not bought any gift for me from London. So that was the time when I received a fancy gown without spending a single penny. I was over the moon to receive it; otherwise, I could just imagine purchasing it after collecting my pocket money.

Follow-ups Describe a thing you got without paying money

Question 1:- Do people feel happy to see free gifts?

Answer. Yes, people feel over the moon when they receive gifts without making any payments. They feel happier when they receive clothes, footwear as well as electronic gadgets. Sometimes to get a glee of happiness, they spend more on purchasing the items that have free gifts on them.

Question 2:- Do shoppers spend more than their income to buy any product?

Answer. Yes, consumers do it. It's because they are attracted by the beauty of the product as well as usability is also considered. Many times they are influenced by their comrades as well as neighbours, who have the same items. So they don't hesitate to spend more to have a sense of superiority.

Question 3:- How do youngsters feel when they are asked by others to help them in shopping?

Answer. Youngsters are enthusiastic when they are asked for help in selecting some items by others. They consider that their opinions are valued by others. They are equipped with the latest information, so they don't hesitate to assist others in purchasing the latest products.

Question 4:- Do you think advertisements allure people to become compulsive buyers?

Answer. Yes, of course, advertisements have a great hand in making people extravagant and mass without thinking twice purchase immediately. They get attracted by the beauty of the products as well as the discount on the items. Besides, advertisers, particularly famous celebrities-when they advertise the products; then, consumers buy by spending lavishly.

Question 5:- Where do usually people get information about the latest fashion?

Answer. People get information about the latest fashion from printed as well as non-printed material. Moreover, the experiences of others also update them about the unheard products.

Question 6:- Is it in your culture to exchange gifts? If yes, then on what occasions do people give to others?

Answer. Yes, it is in my culture to give gifts to others on the occasion of weddings, birthdays as well as on any social functions. People purchase footwear, attires, electronic gadgets and kitchen appliances for others that they can use in their routine. If they exchange gifts; then, it strengthens their relationship.

Question 7:- What kind of gifts do children like to receive?

Answer. Children like to receive different kinds of gifts such as toys, chocolates and now taking electronic gadgets from others as a gift, is more in trend. So they feel glad to receive mini-tablets from their dear ones to play games on them.

Q.8 How often do you purchase gifts for your loved ones?

Ans. Well, I purchase gifts only when there is an occasion such as a birthday or an anniversary. Many times, I don't purchase gifts from the market; instead, I make handmade gifts. I make a bouquet, a portrait of the person and a collage to make them feel special.

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