Describe a Time when Felt Really Bored

Talk about a time when felt really bored; You should say

  • When was it?
  • Who were you with?
  • What were you doing?
  • Why do you feel bored?

Sample Answer of Describe a Time when Felt Really Bored

Yes, a time during completion of my diploma studies no we have a long vacation because we need to plan of further study in the life, so I decided to spend a few days in my cousin’s house because we have a long vacations but to but as it was a very long period of time I feel very bored during such period of time because we got bored in doing activities every. My and my cousin usually go to play cricket every day but these activities in our day to day life so I really feel very boring doing them again and again, and I am unable to do anything other than other things because I feel really bored during that period of time.

Follow-ups of Describe a Time when Felt Really Bored

Question 1:- When do people feel bored?

People generally feel board when they used to do the same activities every day for a long period of time they know that we need to do the same thing all the time, so they are really bored and also sometimes when they need to study the same subjects for a long period of time because they know that this same activity and they don’t have any different aspects of the learning or having such motivation, so people get bored in doing such same everyday chores.

Question 2:- What can people do when they feel bored?

If someone feels bored, then they can go out of the house and interact with friends and also have a walk in the park and play games in the park and also one eat delicious food in the restaurant and also you can go out to watch an entertaining movie that makes you feel happy and stress less.

Question 3:- Do people get bored with daily routines?

Yes, one can feel bored definitely because they know that we need to do each and everything the same every day you don’t have any innovation or any different things to do so people usually get bored in doing household chores while on the other hand it definitely depends on the people’s mindset how they used to like take thing in every day, so they don’t feel bored.

Question 4:- Is it easier for younger people to feel bored than for the old?

Yes, generally younger people easily get bored than the older people because they get bored very fast because they don’t want to do the things every day, while on the other hand, older people do not get bored easily because they had gone through this period. Younger people do not like to do the same activities every day they want every day some innovative and challenging activities otherwise they get bored very quickly compared to the older people.

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