Describe A Time When You Were Late

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Describe a time when you were late

You should say
- When it was
- why you were late
- how you felt about being late

Sample Answer of Describe A Time When You Were Late

I remember one time when I was late for an important meeting at work. It was about a year ago, and I was supposed to be in the meeting room at 9am. However, I ended up being late by about 15 minutes.

The reason why I was late was because I had to attend to an unexpected problem at home. My flatmate had locked herself out of the house and I had to take the spare key to her. So I was delayed by about 15 minutes until I could make it to the meeting.

I felt really embarrassed and frustrated when I was late. I knew that the other people in the meeting had been waiting for me, and I felt like I had let them down. I apologized for being late and tried to make up for it by making sure that I was extra prepared for the meeting.

Follow Up Questions Describe A Time When You Were Late

Question 1 Are you ever late for anything?/ Are you a punctual person?

Answer - I try to be as punctual as possible, but I do occasionally get late for things. I try to plan ahead and leave enough time for unexpected delays, but sometimes things still don't go according to plan.

Question 2 What excuses do you use when you are late?

Answer - When I'm late, I usually just tell the truth and explain why I was delayed. It could be anything from traffic to an unexpected problem at home. I try to be honest and tell the truth so that people can understand the situation.

Question 3 Why are people often late for appointments or meeting?

Answer - I think people are often late for appointments or meetings because they underestimate how much time it will take to get there. People can easily get caught up in their day-to-day tasks and lose track of time. It can also be hard to plan for unexpected delays, like traffic or a flat tire.

Question 4 Do you think people are born with time management skills or they can be taught?

Answer - I think both are true. Some people are naturally better at managing their time, but for others it is something that needs to be learned and practiced. Time management skills can be taught and developed with practice.

Question 5 How would you teach your children time management?

Answer - If I had children, I would teach them time management by setting a good example. I would set clear expectations for when tasks need to be completed and encourage them to plan ahead. I would also encourage them to keep a daily planner to help them stay organized and keep track of their commitments. Additionally, I would teach them to set realistic goals and prioritize tasks so that they can manage their time more efficiently.

Question 6 Do old people and young people manage time in a similar way?

Answer - I think there can be some differences in how old people and young people manage their time. Older people may have more experience managing their time and be more organized, while younger people may be more spontaneous and less focused. However, I think that overall, both old and young people can benefit from learning time management skills in order to be more productive.

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