Many Doctors Say that People in Today’s World Do Not Do Enough Physical Exercise

Many doctors say that people in today’s world do not do enough physical exercise. What do you think are the causes of this? What solutions are there to this problem?

Healthy people are the wealth of any territory. Presently a number of doctors believe that in this industrial era, people do not fit themselves enough. In this essay, I will examine the reasons behind it as well as demonstrate possible solutions in the following paragraphs, along with a logical conclusion.

There are several reasons behind it, although, primarily is that lack of time. In this techno-savvy era, citizens have a hectic schedule due to their heavy workload and running in the rat race. Thus, they have less time for other activities such as exercise. After completing vocational hours, the majority of are exhausted find a bed. In other words, conducted by one survey, IT employees spend an average of 10 hours at the office or work, sometimes these hours rise, especially in emergency time. Nowadays jobs also make people lazy as well as they have lack of fitness awareness.

There are numerous possible solutions to tackle this predicament. In the past, people routine life succour them to be fit. Workers have to walk habits instead of going on bike, car or another transportation mode. Running is the best exercise; it is full of cardiology. Furthermore, during working hours, they can do some activities; for instance, steps upstairs would be a better option rather than sitting on a chair during breaks. Moreover, the authority ought to spread awareness, and one way is that advertisement by superstars or film actors and actresses.

In conclusion, it’s true that nowadays, humankind is not doing fitness workouts because of lack of time availability and an erudition. People in the street have to gather its advantages and work on it.

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