Movies and Computer Games Containing Violence Are Popular (2) (1)

Movies and Computer Games Containing Violence Are Popular

Movies and computer games containing violence are popular. Some people say they have a negative effect on society and should be censored. Others say they are just harmless relaxation. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Entertainment holds a very major part in the life of people. Some individuals like to play indoor and outdoor games, Learn creative Hobbies, and others like to relax and rejoice. In the times of Covid-19, the source of entertainment has got restricted to only being indoors and finding leisure either on Computer games or by watching different Web Series available on the internet. Some people believe that it has left a bad impact on society and the content should be filtered, while other counterparts believe it is a non-toxic mode of relaxation.

Movies and games that contain action are very popular among the youth nowadays. A plethora of Web series on various social websites contains the majority of violence, which people enjoy watching. Shows like Mirzapur, Simple Murder, and alot more of the same taste have content that is accessible to the teens. Studies show it has not only made them offensive, but the level of patience in the youth is being vanished away. Exposure to games such as PUB-G, which was recently banned by the government of India due to its increasing ill-effects on the people playing it on mobile phones, reflects and is aa evidence of increasing crimes. There were a lot of news headlines in the past which showcased Fraudulent transactions on such platforms. The makers of such games and movies should censor their content or set age barriers for its use.

On the other hand, Few individuals strongly believe it has no dangerous effects on them, and it is a mere relaxation. They justify by saying, “Their mind is strong enough to control temperamental issues and they limit their hourly spending on such websites.” I strongly agree with the point of view they hold because sometimes you learn and are made aware of what the world can hold for you from the action movies. People who want to become and hold an interest in shooting games can benefit and gain their earlier knowledge from such games. The pastime also is a mode of relaxation as it enables the mind to secrete the relaxation hormone and takes away the stress.

In my opinion, content should be made irrespective of its impact but should always hold restrictions for the users according to their age. Children can never know what is addictive and wrong for them unless told. Parents should also keep a check on what sort of games and movies the child watches.

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