Some Scientists Think that Computers Will Soon Become More Intelligent than Humans

Some scientists think that computers will soon become more intelligent than humans. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Due to the advancement of technology, there are multifarious features added to the computer. Most scientists say that computers would be more brilliant as compared to humans. This essay will fully accord with this notion which I will discuss in the next crumbs of my writing.

Evidently, The computer will smarter than human in the future world, because, in the modern era, every person depend on the artificial intelligence. For example, computers do all complicated calculations in a few minutes. However, humans spend one 1-hour difficult solving problems. Moreover, computers also store paramount information related to work, study, and security of the computer. As a result, in the future, humans will discover more advanced computers for civilians.

Furthermore, machines are not affected or influenced by emotions, wants, and needs. Thus, they are more effective and productive. Even though Human beings often tend to suffer from important limitations that could plague them, computers are not restricted by biology. They are exceptionally smart while doing repetitive mathematical tasks tirelessly and round the clock. Hence, they can do plenty of work effectively and accurately in a shorter period than a human. A case in point is recent research, which has shown that robots can do six times more work in a factory without any mistake than a usual worker.

In conclusion, In my opinion, computers and robots are very beneficial for humans since they do all tasks in a quickly and accurately method. Computers have huge potential and might outperform civilians

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