Talk About a Time when You Needed to Use Your Imagination


Talk about a time when you needed to use your imagination

  • When it was,
  • When you needed to use imagination,
  • How difficult or easy it was,
  • How you feel about it

Sample Answer of Talk About a Time when You Needed to Use Your Imagination

I still remember it. I am sure that I am great when I am in school in actually. I have taken part in the school sports I have to. I mean, I was actually almost in the winning position, so I had to analyse the opponent's next move, and I have imagined how she might move and take her next move. I felt it very difficult as it is and as it is not my own imagination it might lead my team in the winning side and actually on the winning side, but it shouldn't be like giving the opponent's opportunity to let them win, so it was very difficult for me to analyse the situation and what she is planning to do next. I actually was so stressed because it affected the whole team.

Follow-ups of Talk About a Time when You Needed to Use Your Imagination

Question 1. Do you think adults can have lots of imagination?

Answer- I think teenagers and adults are the most of the age groups which have most of the imagination goes in their brain.

Question 2. Do you think imagination is necessary for scientists?

Answer- Yes, I think I think imagination is very necessary for scientists because the results were not expected, and they were not preplanned there. They were like to be tested in some situation, and the whole thing they were doing depended on their imagination.

Question 3. What kind of jobs need imagination?

Answer- Free job free shopping tools imagination in my perspective because everyone into everybody should analyse the situation in prior rather than going into that blindly.

Question 4. What subjects are helpful for people’s imagination?

Answer- In my opinion, imagination is relevant from the education I think, because imagination is a power which has let's say in the bullet it is not the particular thing which can be studied actually.

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