Talk About an Energetic Person That You Know – Cue Card

Talk about an energetic person that you know – Cue Card

You should say
Who is this person?
How do you know this person?
Why do you think this person is energetic?
And explain how you feel about this person?

The Sample Answer of the CueCard Talk about an energetic person that you know

There are many people in my life I meet among them is Kaushal who is very excited about new and traditional things. We have been a good friend and we met each other for the first time in the early days of school where we had a great bonding which turned into great relation.

He is very funny while cracking jokes but he has depth knowledge about the active world and enthusiastic towards multiple things. Time I very precious thing for people but for him one earning value as he never upset whenever anyone who asks for help, he so energetic in active in many sports and gymnastics. He is live wire whenever we play any kind of sport. Especially playing a cricket game with him means a lesser chance to win although he is also good at pitching speech with people as his sense of humor is on another level.

He is keen perceptive about investment as he analysis a number of things before attempting any investment. and He scored many milestones at an early age of his life as he overnight made a huge amount of income through forex exchange. He is very keen on new things about its function and theories. I always describe him as a good fellow as he has developed ambidextrous skills. I really feel blessed that I have a person like him who motivates and inspires me to do adventures in life.

So This is the Sample Answer of the cue card ( Talk about an energetic person that you know – Cue Card)

2 thoughts on “Talk About an Energetic Person That You Know – Cue Card”

  1. Being a fitness freak, I’ve always been really into doing exercises because, in this contemporary era, physical robustness is crucial but negligible individuals are conscious about it.
    Although I know numerous active persons, here I’d like to talk about the most exuberant Individual that I’ve ever seen in my entire life.
    Actually, he is none other than my most beloved grandfather, Surinder Singh.

    To be honest, not only is he my grandpa, but he is also my bosom friend.

    Despite being in his early 70s, he still looks haily hearty because of his strict fitness routine.

    Basically, he is a retired army officer and always remain cautious about this physique.
    To remain fit as fiddle, he follows a strict schedule in which he wakes up at crack of the dawn and goes for a long walk.

    Even though I join him sometimes, it’s a herculean task for me to walk for such a long distance.

    Though he is a retired army officer, he still indulges himself in several household chores.

    For example, we’ve two gigantic parks at our home and both of these are maintained by my grandpa.

    In the evening he also goes to a community park where he spends his quality with his agemates by gossiping and doing some yoga and other stuff.

    All these reasons make him the most robust person in my social circle.

    As regards my feeling, I’m eternally to god that I’m blessed with a such zestful and exuberant grandpa.

    In fact, if I hadn’t followed his instructions, I won’t be able to get a robust physique in my 12th standard.

    In a nutshell, this is all about a spirited person that is known by me.

  2. Well, I came across many energetic and dynamic persons in my life. The most fascinating person is Dr. APJ Abdul kalam.
    he was the former president of India, one of the dynamic leader and a well-known scientist in India.
    He came from a very small village in Tamilnadu. he faced a lot of struggles in his early life and completed his graduation in aeronautical engineering. he gave his tremendous contribution to science and novel research on space discoveries as well.
    he got many prestigious awards from state and central government as well.
    Besides that, he was selected for president of India because of his excellence in the field of science and his knowledge and contribution to national development.
    He gave a lot of dynamic speeches at schools and colleges to encourage students to do innovations in the field of science. Moreover, he started giving scholarships to bright students every year in the form of junior and senior scholars.
    I read his entire journey from the book
    and I got motivated to work hard to achieve success in my career and life as well. he is a role model for many Indians.

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