Talk About an Old Friend You Got in Contact with Again

Talk About an Old Friend You Got in Contact with Again

Talk about an old friend you got in contact with again; You should say

  • Who he or she is?
  • What he or she is like?
  • How did you get in contact?
  • And explain how you felt about it?

Sample Answer of Talk About an Old Friend You Got in Contact with Again

Well, I don’t have a list of friends. I believe in quality rather than quantity. Today I would like to talk about when I was back in contact with my school friend. His name is keyur; as I said earlier, he is my schoolmate and bench partner. We also used to live in the same colony. Thus, we spend time with each other. 

His father was a government servant, and due to his transfer to another city, his family move, and we differ. He had great human sensors and the ability to change the atmosphere by telling jokes. He was the class ranker in my school.  He is also good at outer activity he was our school football team captain and in one state-level competition he and his team came back with silver madel.

During the corona lockdown, I was stuck at home, and one says I was using the Facebook site, and suddenly my eye attracts by his profile. I immediately send a request, and he didn’t take much time to accept. Later, we were starting chats, and I get Erudition that he opted for the science field and did engineering in the college. 

He was modest in the past and modernist now. He is down earth person. Always ready to willing aid. Currently, I am good at solving maths equations, is thanks to him he taught me and now it’s easy as pie.We also exchange our mobile numbers and talk with each other frequently.  I feel lucky that I got back in contact with him after a long duration, thanks to social networks.  We live in a different city, although if I got the opportunity, I would like to meet him face-to-face, and I guess that day is not away.

Follow-ups Talk About an Old Friend You Got in Contact with Again.

Question 1 What is the influence of social media on friendships?

Answer – I believe that because of social media, we touch with friends such as chatting and video call with mates; however, we reduce real meetings or face-to-face contact due to social media influence.

Question 2 Why do people lose contact with each other after graduation?

Answer – Well, behind it various reasons, owing to move another city or foreign country for higher or further education some people lose contact whereas, some people hectic schedule and busy in vocational life lose contact with the college or school friends.

Question 3 Do people in your country like to make new friends?

Answer – Yes, Indians like to meet people and make friends. For instance, whenever I go on a trip, I come back with a new contact.

Question 4 Do you think old friends are more important to the old generation or the young generation?

Answer – Well, for generations, old friends are pivotal. They know you as mirror. Golden ager has seen the black and white day as well as know who is best friends thus, and they value their friends more than youngsters. Nowadays, friendship is selfish contact for some young generation people.

Question 5 Does friendship influence you in your personal life?

Answer – I believe that friendship influences our personal life. I treat my friends like they are my family members. Friends can stand on our side in some critical situations, and suggestions aid.

Question 6 What is the best way, in your opinion, to keep the connection among friends intact?

Answer – In my opinion, a host of ways to keep connected with friends. In this internet era, we can touch with by social platforms moreover, meet each other regularly and stand their side on bad time also way to keep the connection.

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