The Bar Graph Below Shows the Numbers of Male and Female Research Students Studying

The bar graph below shows the numbers of male and female research students studying six computer science subjects at a US university in 2011. Summarise the information by selecting and report in the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

The bar graph below shows the numbers of male and female research students studying

The presented bar graph demonstrates the number of research students who studied six computer science subjects such as linguistics, psychology, natural science, engineering, programming and mathematics at US university in 2011, students divided into gender, male and female.

Overall, the number of male students in mathematics, psychology, programming and engineering subject is higher than the female student in contrast, in linguistics subject the female student is high. Moreover, female and male students are the same in natural science.

For linguistics, engineering and programming subjects, 110 female students choose to study for language expert subject compared to 90 male students while, in engineering and programming course 150 male student, former has same female student as linguistics male student (90), while letter one has exactly half number of male students in female category (75).

For mathematics, psychology and natural science courses, the number of male students in the batch is a maximum of 200. Additionally, a female student is also the same in natural science (200)—however,160 females in psychology and 40 female in mathematics courses. The number of male students is roughly triple that of females in mathematics.

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