Violence in Society Increases when More Violence Is Shown on Television (1)

Violence in Society Increases when More Violence Is Shown on Television

Violence in society increases when more violence is shown on television. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The violence shown on television can raise society’s violence rate. In my opinion, I strongly agree, violence can be imitated by a number of people, causing an increase in violence in society. I also think this can happen not only from television programs but also from the internet.

Firstly, many people are influenced by the variety of programs broadcast on television. Among them, many people tend to imitate those programs and what if those programs promote or showcase violence? This question brings light to the issue happening nowadays due to the violent programs on television. For example, a teenager in the United States bombed a cinema hall after watching a violent movie featuring an evil joker, which was a hit movie at the time. Moreover, the teenager bombing the hall was found to have imitated the movie.

Although many people in the past preferred watching television and the crimes were thought to link only to those shows shown on television, nowadays, people rather use the internet for watching videos and programs. This has led to easy access to many violent and crime-related contents for everyone. Mainly the young l are affected by these contents provided that youngsters are easier to be influenced because of their easy-going nature. For instance, there have been many mass shootings in the United States which was a result of online gaming sites and involving many youths, where the people hating on race and gender are repeatedly influencing the teenagers or youngsters, provoking them to take negative paths.

In conclusion, violent activities either shown on television or broadcasted over the internet affect peoples’ mentality and perception, which gradually increases violence in society. So, I think in order to decrease such negative effects, proper monitoring and required restriction on the usage is necessary.

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