You Have Lost Something On A Bus And Called Customer Service To Get Help

You have lost something on a bus and called customer service to get help. You weren’t happy with their response. Write a letter to the bus company manager. In your letter, you should: Describe the item you lost Explain why you weren’t happy with the customer service Say what action you would like the company to take. 
Dear Bus Company Manager,

I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with the customer service I received when I reported a lost item on one of your buses. On Monday, February 28th, I was riding on bus number 123 from downtown to the suburbs. During the journey, I realized that I had left my black leather wallet on the bus, which contained my ID card, credit cards, and some cash.

I immediately contacted your customer service hotline and explained the situation. However, the representative I spoke to seemed disinterested and unhelpful. They simply told me to fill out an online lost property form and wait for a response. When I asked for more information or guidance, the representative seemed uninterested and dismissed my concerns.

I was very disappointed with this response, as I expected more help from your customer service team. Losing my wallet was a stressful and worrying experience, and I had hoped that your company would be able to offer more support and guidance.

Therefore, I would like to request that your company takes action to improve the quality of customer service provided to passengers who have lost items. This could include training customer service representatives to be more empathetic and helpful, or providing clearer guidance to passengers who have lost items.

Furthermore, I would appreciate it if your company could take a more proactive approach to locating and returning lost items. For example, if your drivers are made aware of a lost item, they could check the bus to see if it is still there, or contact lost property services to report the item.

I hope that my feedback will be taken into account, and that your company will take steps to improve the customer service provided to passengers who have lost items. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Yours sincerely,


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