You Normally Go Shopping In The Area Where You Live

You normally go shopping in the area where you live. However, you think some of the facilities for shoppers could be improved there. Write a letter to your local newspaper. In your letter:

  • say in general what you like about shopping in your area
  • say what is wrong with the facilities
  • suggest how they can be improved
Dear Editor,

I am writing to express my opinion on the shopping facilities in our local area. Overall, I am pleased with the shopping options available, however, I do believe that there are several areas that require improvement.

To begin with, I appreciate the variety of stores in the area, from supermarkets to specialty shops. The prices are reasonable, and the staff is friendly and helpful. Moreover, the area is easily accessible by public transport, making it convenient for everyone to shop.

However, I have noticed a few issues with the facilities that can cause inconvenience to shoppers. Firstly, the parking facilities need to be improved. There are not enough parking spaces available, and the existing ones are often taken by non-shoppers, such as nearby office workers. As a result, shoppers are forced to park far away, which can be difficult, especially for those with limited mobility.

Secondly, the cleanliness of the shopping area is not up to the mark. There is a lot of litter on the streets, and the public restrooms are often in a poor condition. This can create an unpleasant shopping experience for shoppers, and it is particularly concerning during the ongoing pandemic.

To address these issues, I suggest that the local council should consider constructing a multi-level car park. This would increase the number of parking spaces available and reduce the congestion on the streets. Additionally, regular cleaning services should be provided for the area, including the public restrooms, to ensure a clean and hygienic shopping environment.

In conclusion, while there are many positives to shopping in our local area, there is still room for improvement in the facilities. I hope that the relevant authorities will take these suggestions into consideration and work towards making our shopping experience even better.

Yours sincerely,

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