Your Neighbour Keep Animals in Your Garden

Your Neighbour Keep Animals in Your Garden because of which you and your family are facing problems.

Write a letter

Explain problems
Suggest a solution
If nothing improves then what will be the consequences

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Johnson,

I am writing to bring to your attention a matter that has been causing my family and me considerable distress. As you are aware, you have been keeping animals in your garden, which has been leading to a variety of issues for us.

The first issue that we have faced is the noise pollution. The animals are constantly making loud noises, which is making it difficult for us to concentrate on our work and to get a good night’s sleep. The second issue is the foul smell emanating from the animals, which is affecting the quality of the air we breathe. Finally, the animals have been causing damage to our garden and property, which is both unsightly and costly to repair.

I would like to suggest a solution to this problem. I would appreciate it if you could please relocate the animals to a more appropriate location where they will not be causing these issues for us. Alternatively, you could consider installing sound barriers or odor-reducing devices to mitigate the impact of the noise and smell.

If nothing is done to address this issue, then we may be forced to take legal action to protect our property and our well-being. I am sure that you understand that we do not wish to escalate this matter, and we would prefer to work collaboratively with you to find a solution that works for all parties involved.

I hope that you will take this matter seriously and take the necessary steps to address the issues caused by your animals. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.



Sample 2 Your Neighbour Keep Animals in Your Garden

Dear [Name],

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to address a pressing issue that my family and I have been facing due to the animals you keep in your garden. As you may already be aware, the animals have been causing a lot of problems for us.

To start with, the animals have been making a lot of noise, especially during the night. This has been disturbing our sleep and causing a lot of inconvenience. Additionally, they have been damaging our garden and plants. This has been a cause of concern for us, as we take great pride in maintaining our garden.

I understand that you may have your reasons for keeping the animals in your garden, but I would like to suggest a solution that can benefit both of us. Firstly, I would request you to keep the animals in a separate area, away from our garden and house. This will help reduce the noise and damage caused by the animals. Additionally, I would request you to keep them under control, so that they do not roam freely and cause harm to others.

If the situation does not improve, I will be forced to take legal action, which can have serious consequences for both of us. I am hoping that we can resolve this issue amicably, without having to resort to extreme measures.

I sincerely hope that you will take my concerns seriously and take steps to address the issue at the earliest. I appreciate your cooperation in this matter and look forward to a positive resolution.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



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