Your Neighbours Have Recently Written to You to Complain About the Noise From Your House/ Flat

Your Neighbours Have Recently Written to You to Complain About the Noise From Your House/ Flat. Write a letter to your neighbours. In your letter

  • explain the reasons for the noise
  • apologise
  • describe what action you will take

Dear Neighbors,

I am writing in response to your recent complaint about the noise coming from my house/flat. Firstly, I would like to apologize for any disturbance my activities may have caused. I understand that noise can be a nuisance, and I am sorry for any inconvenience I may have caused.

The noise from my house/flat is mainly due to the activities of my family members and me. We have been playing music loudly, hosting gatherings, and engaging in other activities that have caused excessive noise levels. I understand that this has caused a disturbance to your peace and quiet, and I am sorry for any stress or annoyance that this has caused.

To address this issue, I have taken some steps to reduce the noise levels in my house/flat. I have reminded my family members to be mindful of the noise levels when playing music or engaging in activities, and I have purchased sound-absorbing materials to reduce the noise that escapes from my home. Additionally, I have invested in some noise-cancelling headphones and have made a conscious effort to limit my activities during the night-time hours.

I would like to assure you that I take this issue seriously and am committed to being a considerate neighbor. I understand the importance of maintaining a peaceful and respectful living environment, and I will continue to take steps to minimize any noise coming from my home. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further concerns or issues.

Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention, and I apologize once again for any disturbance I may have caused.


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