An Increasing Number of Families Have Computers at Home

An increasing number of families have computers at home. What are the advantages and disadvantages of internet access for minors? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge of experience.

In this modern era, computers have become a necessity for every individual while some kids have to Master some features. If the scenario persists, then it will have the worst effect on minus. I agree that its disadvantages outweigh the advantages.

To begin with, the computer is blessed as a god in the lives of many humans. It has diversified their life and source of income with the help of the internet. The effect it has on young kids who have very smooth access to creative learning, doubt solving etc. Many of them have used it to explore their talents like video editing, image processing and much more, and all this was possible for them only with access to the internet on their computers. For example, the latest online programming coaching platform named as White hat which teaches programming to kids of class 4 and 5 onwards so as to excel in their life during their job life. It is a very early age to learn programming that if I were made available of this source at my time till now, I would have done PhD on these and earn a lot of money.

On the other hand, It is not wrong to think that computers have made slaves to each and everyone who uses it and children are the most users of them. Nowadays, every child demands a mini-computer phone, as soon as he gets up early in the morning, whereas in earlier times. At the same time, we used to get up in the morning, and we were taught to pray to God, do yoga and help families of older people in their work. All these good habits have vanished from our life, and it’s due to computers and there and a real pleasure. Nowadays, there’s so much harmful content over the internet which is not suitable for children to view or have access to. So parents should prohibit accessing their home computers with the internet or such content to keep their children safe.

In conclusion, computers and the internet are not a curse to People unless and until they are used correctly and under proper supervision.

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