Some Feel Governments Should Invest in Preserving Minority Languages

Some feel governments should invest in preserving minority languages, while others feel this is not a good use of resources. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

In this world, humankind is like the transmission. Some people believe that preserving language is worthwhile and the bureaucrats ought to invest resources for this, although some people argued that yielding valuable resources is not a better option. Both the notion has own pros and cons, and therefore, before commenting on my decision, my inclination will be justified in following paragraphs along with a logical conclusion and my opinion.

On the one hand, language is a sign or part of any culture, and language represents it. Language is based on several things, and all language structures, verbs, and formations are different as well as unique in some cases. In addition, the citizen also feels comfortable to speak their own tongue language, and this majority language is a sign of culture. However, some ancient languages also use a special code.

On the other hand, the human race has been developing new items which aid them to lives life easier. Globalization leads to the union of humanity by put besides community and native language. Currently, few languages consider global languages like English, Spanish, Chinese. For instance, in few territories such as South Africa, old generation people attend to preserving their native language while youth shifted with global; therefore, the authority’s release resources for preserving language is worthless. Furthermore, resources are also paramount and essential for few developments such as education, scientific research.

To summarize, Some people claimed that the authority should allocate resources to keep alive vanishing languages. However, some individuals think that it is a waste of resources and have to use for others. I agree with the latter notion that there are myriad things that are pivotal for the country and their local too and global language also succour people to connect each other.

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