Describe a Place You Visited That Has Been Affected by Pollution

Describe a place you visited that has been affected by pollution.

You should say:

  • Where is it?
  • When you visited this place?
  • What kind of pollution do you saw there?
  • And explain how this place was affected?

Sample Answer of Describe a Place You Visited That Has Been Affected by Pollution

When I got this cue card, I couldn’t think polluted place because I am time-pressed and hardly visit new places. Then suddenly, one name came to my mind.

It’s non-other than the capital of India, Delhi Well, because I don’t have a memory like an elephant, but I assume that it was several years back. One of my uncles live there, and I went to Delhi for a holiday in my holiday time. I also like my cousin company; we are cut the same clothes. If my memory is right, then when I reached there by train, it was night. I have good habits of exercising as a result of running. I went outside in the early morning. What I saw it, astronaut, me and before that time, I have never seen that before. On summer days, I have never seen high-density fog there, and it was in high density even I couldn’t see more than 20 feet. The vehicle was running with headlights. Furthermore,
Delhi is a bottleneck developed area, and traffic congestion also happens and noise pollution made by it. This air pollution is detrimental, especially for citizens. Delhi people prefer to use the personal mode of transportation such as bike car instead of public transport, and this is primarily reasons for this air pollution. The majority of accidents cases were made only by fog and due to its rate also rose.

We all know that humankind’s maximum capacity of hearing sound is 90 dB, which scientists prove. People face a predicament to hear clearly in the long term, and noise pollution also changes a person behaviour and mood. For instance, workers whose workplace noise level is more than 90 dB became angry a few times.

Follow-ups Describe a Place You Visited That Has Been Affected by Pollution.

Question 1. What kind of pollution are serious in your country?

Answer – In India, private mode of transportation usage skyrocket, and it forges air pollution and noise pollution. In addition, in the river and oceanside area, water pollution is also spread, which is not serious for humans but also aquifers. Overall, air, water and noise pollution are on the list.

Question 2. What can individuals do to protect our environment?

Answer – I believe that individuals play a vital role to protect the environment. They can follow the rules and spread awareness as much as possible. For instance, one of the slogans of plants and gardening trees is that save tree, and the tree will save you.

Question 3. Do you think individuals should be responsible for pollution?

Answer – Definitely yes, some pollutions main reason is that individual shellfish action. As well for make life role and role humankind developed myriad of thing which forge pollution. For instance, ac and refrigerators exhale deleterious gases such as carbon monoxide and co2, which is the main reason behind global warming, and oxen layers break down.

Question 4. Why is there a need to involve the government in environmental protection?

Answer – Well, I think the primary reason is to set rules and regulations and punish those who do not follow these rules; moreover, if someone is superior and handles the situation, people also follow the rules. In other words, if the authority is not involved, individuals do an action that is beneficial for them and according to their own test. And it leads to a worse situation.

Question 5. Why do people throw waste material on roads?

Answer – Well, laziness aid a person to throw garbage on the road, some people savings times also do this, and those people are definitely unaware of the cons of this action. However, many people throw waste materials on empty land or unused plots, especially in developed areas.

Question 6. How can the government encourage people to keep their cities clean?

Answer – There is numerous way to do it. First and foremost, spreading awareness is paramount; hence, citizens are aware of the pros of a clean town. Secondly, the authority can yield a reward to the citizen who contributed to a clean city. It stimulates others to keep meat and clean city.

Question 7. what do you think is a good idea or bad idea to Establish limited factories in a city?

Answer: I have got a double-minded opinion for this notion, establish factory forges huge job opportunities and makes the area industrial; however, it is also a disaster in few ways. It creates pollution such as factories putting wasted water into the direct river, a welcome disease.

Question 8. Whenever you visit this place, do you throw litter On-Road?

Answer – To be honest, I am a punctual person to follow the rules and believe that rules it for us and we ought to follow them strictly. Whenever I visit somewhere, I prefer to use a dustbin for garbage, and if I saw someone throw waste on the road, I persuade them and put it into the dustbin.

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