Childhood Obesity Has Become a Serious Problem in Recent Years

Childhood obesity has become a serious problem in recent years. What are the primary causes Of this? What measures should be taken to reduce childhood obesity?

Humanity is struggling with a myriad of diseases, among which some are dangerous. Past few years, it has seen that people face obesity predicament from the early phase of life has become common. In this essay, I will discuss how it affects a person and causes and mitigates the reason behind it in ensuring paragraphs and a logical conclusion.

Obesity is a serious and detrimental disease. This is the disease based on other harmful illnesses, and it welcomes others, too, such as diabetes. In addition, being overweight also makes children lazy, which effect their academic career. For instance, one report conducted by British organizations in 2019, children who struggle with illness and feel unhealthy, the primary reasons behind is that overweight and after this
predicament they prefer to sedentary life.

There is numerous way to reduce or overcome this dangerous problem. First and foremost, in this advanced world, parents are usually busy with their vocational lofe; hence, children eat mostly spicy and unhealthy foods. They have to eat nutritional food instead of junk food which increase weight. Secondly, juveniles play outdoor games rather than the computer and do some exercise, yoga and running. Finally,
parents and education organizations play a vital role to reduce it, and both can spread awareness and tech disaster effect of being obesity person.

To end with, past few years, it seen that childhood overweight tribulation has been rose and became serious. Obesity introduces otheillnessesss and reduces activeness—moreover, regular exercise, awareness and protein food succour to overcome this illness.

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