Talk About a Time When You Changed Your Opinion

Talk about a time when you changed your opinion. You should say :

  • When was it?
  • What was the original opinion?
  • Why you changed it?
  • And explain how you felt about it?

I don’t change my opinion often unless I find myself on the wrong boat. Changing opinion is also hard. Sometimes it’s hurt my ego. Sometimes some people also tell your that opinion. Thus, you feel embarrassed about your last roof.

Today I would like to talk about the time when I change my opinion. It’s about online shopping. It’s not from donkey years, and it was 2 years ago. Before that time, I believe that online shopping is the way to fool people and betray them. Quality of products is poor as well as after purchase online payment mode is method to get people private and secure data like credit, debit card number, and CVV. Overall, it’s a total scam.

One day I required a raincoat emergency. Roughly I step up every single raincoat seller shop in my area. Unfortunately, due to the season, I couldn’t. One of my Mates suggests I try an online platform, Amazon. I haven’t faith although I had needed so, I ordered it, and I got my parcel within 3 working days.

It was a super-fast delivery, and I hadn’t expected it. The quality of the raincoat was good; it looks like it is made of superior quality and got a 6-month warranty. I was over the moon because of that order. Later I change my opinion that online shopping items’ quality is bad, like garbage material. Yet I ordered a host of stuff from digital platforms.

Part 3 Questions Talk About a Time When You Changed Your Opinion

Question 1:- Do children like to change opinions?

Well, I think children haven’t much erudition and experience than adults as well they are childish. Their opinion is wind direction so, they change opinion to the majority of supportive side.

Question 2:- Why do people change opinions?

There are numerous various behind it. First and foremost, when people find that he or she is on the wrong side or below the wrong roof, then they change their opinion. Secondly, some people also change opinions on the supportive side. Furthermore, having an erudition of the topic is also responsible for shift the opinion.

Question 3:- Who do young people turn to for advice?

Firstly, Youth has to go their parents or older person in the family for advice, discuss the topic with mature mates and asks them its also another way. In the world, for education advice such as career regards, I prefer to my tutor while for social my parents.

Question 4:- Do people like giving an opinion about politics?

Well, in my opinion, its also depend on which country citizen and their laws. However, in India, Indian people like to give political opinions such as which party will thrive next election. Whereas, in China, giving a political opinion is banned; in case someone broke the code, then they get punished.

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