Because Many Children Are Not Able to Learn Foreign Languages

Because Many Children Are Not Able to Learn Foreign Languages, Schools Should Not Force Them to Learn Foreign Languages. to What Extent Do You Agree or Disagree?

Foreign language seems to be a problematic subject for many students. Therefore it is thought that educational institutions should not impose on students to learn foreign languages. From my point of view, learning an additional language is beneficial for both the students and the country. On the one hand, the students can choose to immigrate to a wide range of countries. On the other hand, a country with a multilingual Population attracts more tourists and thus boost their economy.

Students should be encouraged and at times forced to pursue studies of a third language because nowadays we are living in a globalized country where people are given the opportunity to migrate to different countries around the globe depending on their level of education as well as how well they comprehend the native language. Germany, for instance, is inviting doctors to specialize and immigrate to their country provided that they have a certain fluency in German. So, doctors who are proficient in this language, having studied it from high school, are given priority over those who didn’t. Thus many fail to seize this once in a lifetime opportunity to train in one of the medical systems in the world.

Also, foreign languages should be made compulsory in schools as a multilingual generation give rise to a multilingual country that attracts more tourists. Foreigners love to visit places where there is a minimal language barrier, and hence are able to establish good communication with the local people and enjoy their stay fully. These new multilingual generations can therefore earn a living in the tourist sector by putting the forefront to assist the foreign guests as well delegates and consequently boost the country’s economy. Mauritius, for example, has a growing tourist industry because of high school students with multiple language skills that attract a large pool of foreigners. Thus these students are able to enter the most lucrative industry of the country and also earn a decent incentive for their future.

In conclusion, learning a new language is advantageous for both the students themselves as well as the country. While the student can use their multilingual skills to immigrate to a wide range of countries, the revenue of the tourist sector industry country could increase significantly with having local citizens speaking different languages.

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