Some Feel that It Is a Waste of Time to Plan for The Future

Some feel that it is a waste of time to plan for the future and it is more important to focus on the present. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Time is really important in everyone’s life. Most people plan their life according to their needs and desire whereas some people think that it is just a waste of time to plan your future rather than being focus on the present. I totally disagree with this point and the same will be explained in detail further.

To begin with, setting up goals for the future plays a crucial role in one’s life. Whatever we do today in present is an execution of future plan of what we want to achieve. If we live in present without a goal then it leads to a meaningless life without any purpose. For example, a student studies hard to achieve high grades so as to get good college whereas a sports player practices on a daily basis so as to give improved performance in upcoming tournaments. So therefore planning is necessary by setting up goals so that we can work according to in present to achieve the purpose.

Furthermore, I will like to showcase an example of the Covid-19 pandemic where the common man had to suffer a lot during the medical emergencies as they were not organized and was working on a daily basis without a purpose whereas people get better treatment who set up goals to save some amount on regular basis. Forecasting is also important in individual life as it gives them a reason to work or study so that in any situation they are ready to face the challenges which can contact at any point in future. So therefore one must invest his/her precious time for future planning activities.

In conclusion, I am not in favour of those who say one should live in the present rather than the future because a life without a goal or purpose is meaningless and we all should invest some time to plan it accordingly.

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