Some Countries Are Considering Imposing Curfews in Which Teenagers

Some countries consider imposing curfews in which teenagers will not be allowed outdoors at night unless an adult accompanies them. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this policy?

It is every parent’s dream to have the government playing a role in the upbringing of their children. In a bid to protect young people, some nations are contemplating whether to employ rules advocating for teenagers to remain indoors at night unless in the company of an older person. This essay will argue that curfews are completely preposterous despite some potential benefits.

Governments have always been wary of how children behave when they leave home in the evening for so-called outings with friends. The states are justifiably worried about losing the young population to the effects of peer pressure outside the home environment where the parents or guardians are not able to venture. It has become one of the governments’ roles to protect teenagers from the wild society. For example, Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, recorded 193 cases of teenage sexual abuse in December 2019 alone, occurring in the evening when the young ones leave home to party with friends. Thus, such cases have triggered some nations to take action to mitigate the crises.

Despite the minor benefits of curfews, the idea of imposing them as a way of curbing unruly behaviour is irrational. Firstly, there are numerous instances in a teenager’s life that adults or parents cannot escort them, such as when they are at college. Secondly, the adage” charity begins at home” plays the trick because all that is warranted is for parents or guardians to give the right message to the young ones to learn self-control and appropriate behaviour wherever they go and associate with decent friends. Indeed, family plays an important role as a socialising agent before friends or the community, as the child spends most of their lifetime with the family. Hence, children need to learn the rules that protect them, for adults will not be there to ensure their safety at all times.

In conclusion, this essay argued why governments could not legislate curfews for teenagers when they go out at night. In, my opinion teaching the best form of behaviour begins with the family; thus, teenagers acquire the rules and skills to protect them from parents or guardians.

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