Describe a Habit Your Friend Has and You Want to Develop

Describe a habit your friend has, and you want to develop

You should say

  • Who your friend is?
  • What habits do they have?
  • When you noticed this habit?
  • And explain why you want to develop this habit?

Sample Answer of Describe a Habit Your Friend Has and You Want to Develop

Well, we all have some habits; I don’t have many friends; I believe in quantity, not quantity. My mates have some good and some bad habits. Such as Chirag has been smoking, which he dropped a few months ago. Today I would like to talk about one of my friend habits which I like to adopt in my life. It’s get up early in the morning and doing yoga.

His name is Keyur; he is a gym freak person. He believes in fitness and being healthy. He wakes up at 5 in the morning, not one day, although every day. He is punctual about the following code. In the corona pandemic, the Indian authority imposed a lockdown in March 2020. People are stuck under a roof. As a result, the majority of Indians faced obesity and weight gain predicament. Key was in the same category. Thus, he started to do exercises moreover, that he learned a few yoga from youtube.

I was aware of his new habit a couple of months ago when we met at his sister engagement ceremony. He explained his habit in full detail, as well as the pros of doing this. I don’t have weight gaining or obesity tribulation; however, I read that getting up early in the morning yields energy, and personal feel energetic, and laziness vanish. Additionally, doing yoga improves not only physical fitness but also provides mental strength and concentration power improve. This is a habit that I would like to develop; I already prepared for that, like I bought a yoga carpet from digital platforms. Hopefully, I will start as soon as possible.

Follow-ups Describe a Habit Your Friend Has, and You Want to Develop.

Question 1 What habits should children have?

Answer – I think children have a myriad of habits. In this tech-savvy era, most children have to play video games habits, and even some say they are addicted. Some juveniles also have precarious habits.

Question 2 What should parents do to teach their children good habits?

Answer – Teaching good things are pivotal, or you can say it is the cover of a book. Children are in a development phase, if they learn good things then definitely it aid or they adopt in life which good for their shiny future whereas, if they shift on bad habits then the high chance that this will become a headache for their parents and close circle.

Question 3 What influences do children with bad habits on other children?

Answer – A myriad of bad habits influences are seen on children after hanging with other addicted children or seen them. As I mentioned earlier, the more seen is playing games, demanding things, and many more.

Question 4 Why do some habits change when people get older?

Answer – Well, I believe that as age increases, people get mature and can see the dichotomy between good and bad. For example, some people have a smoking habit in adolescent age; however, after starting earnings, they have enough wisdom about how it is deleterious for their lives and economically burden.

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