Describe an Occasion When You Were Scared or Afraid

Describe an Occasion When You Were Scared or Afraid; You should say:

  • When and where it happened
  • Who you were with
  • Why you were scared
  • How you felt about it

Sample Answer of Describe an Occasion When You Were Scared or Afraid

Well, fear is natural, and everyone is scared of something; I’ve also been scared of many things. Today I would like to talk about the time when I was scared a lot. It wasn’t donkey years ago, and it’s just 2 and a half years ago before this corona pandemic. I live in a developed area in my country, and the zoo is just a stone away.

During one Sunday I and my mates made planned to sightseeing a zoo. We booked tickets, and we entered. Firstly, we went birdhouse where we saw a myriad of different types of birds.

After that, we go for seeing wild creatures. That time we saw a white tiger, which is an attractive animal in the zoo. To see clear, I went near the cage; two security guards also gave me a warning that stayed away from the cage. I was with my peers, and they told me that go it is safe; I was like a balloon whose size increased after pumping air.

I was watching there, and suddenly, one female white tiger came closer; I was afraid. My blood pressure rose sharply and my heart was on my mouth. The female tiger was staring at me, and after few days, I had seen their dangerous look in my dreams. After that incident, I learnt that never ever avoid warning and follow the rules.

Follow-ups Describe an Occasion When You Were Scared or Afraid.

Question 1 Is it ok to frighten others?

Answer – Well, it has both positive and negative effects. Sometimes after scaring someone, people stop doing one activity, for instance, stoping transgression work owing to parents fear. However, sometimes it is deleterious for a person, such as after seeing the scariest scene, some people got paralysis.

Question 2 How do people usually get frightened?

Answer – People get frightened in different ways. Watching horror film or reading book also makes scare. Some people also because of their work or vocational moreover, some scariest franks also makes people frightened.

Question 3 Do children like to scare others?

Answer – Definitely yes. I believe that juveniles try to scare others; for them, it is fun. For instance, when I was a child, I used to scare my family members and friends by hiding somewhere, and when he or she came, I made a loud noise.

Question 4 Why is it easy to scare some people?

Answer – Well, some people have scary nature. Hence, they can be facile to scare. Furthermore, sometimes when a person is busy on own task that time other frank also scare.

Question 5 What should people do when they feel scared?

Answer – People can get training or do self preparing which aids them to scare less. Moreover, try to back on the train as much as possible would be first work.

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