Describe a Positive Change in Your Life

Describe a positive change in your life

You should say:

  • What the change was about
  • When it happened
  • Describe details of the change that happened
  • And describe how it affected you later in life.

Well, I’m a tabloid lover, my every morning start with it and a cup of tea. It aids me in many ways, and most importantly, some articles stimulate me. Today I would like to talk about the change which I made in my life and got success.

It’s doing yoga; it wasn’t donkey years ago, nearly a year ago, in this corona pandemic, the Indian government imposed lockdown, and everybody stuck down at home. After a couple of months later, one day, I was reading the news as I do regularly, and one article caught my eyes attention. It yielded yoga benefits, and the next day I started to do yoga. I was uneducated. Thus, I watched a few YouTube videos as well as ordered a yoga mat online.

A few days later, I started doing yoga. In my house, we have a backyard so, I stated there, and later in the rainy season, I was doing it in the living hall. Doing yoga wasn’t easy as pie in the starting phase; muscle scratching pains a lot in the rest of the day.

It also carries a positive impact on my life, and my behaviour changed because of yoga. Before that time, I easily lost my mind where after that,t my nature became cool as a cucumber or phlegmatic. It also aids me mentally and physically stable. I’m ecstatic that it change me a lot.

Follow-ups Describe a Positive Change in Your Life.

Question 1 How is your country changing?

Answer – Well, my country got huge success in technology and the medical realm. In the past, we tended to import more things whereas, now it reduces sharply and a host of things we build moreover, improvement also seen in the medical field.

Question 2 What changes have smartphones brought to our lives?

Answer – Smartphones are part of our daily lives; we can do anything; it’s just a click away. For instance, due to digitalization and mobile phone, we can do transactions at home rather than wait in a long queue or bank.

Question 3 Do you think people working from home would be a positive change?

Definitely, doing work at seating at home also carries advantages. Primarily it is economically beneficial; it saves travel expenses and saves time. Additionally, a person can spend more time with family.

Question 4 Do you think people’s work in the future will be heavily affected by technology?

Answer – Without any doubt, yes, humankind got huge thrived in the robotics field and future, people spend more time with technological equipment or gadgets such as computers. It is also starting now but not everywhere.

Question 5 Compare the pace of technological progress in the past and the present?

Answer – I think people used less technological equipment in the past because it wasn’t invented; it was also expensive and time-consuming at that time. Its progress was tortoise speed; however, nowadays, scientists are fascinated by it and working on sharply.

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