Talk About a Time when You Enjoyed Your Visit to A Park or Garden (2) (1)

Talk About a Time when You Enjoyed Your Visit to A Park or Garden

Talk about a time when you enjoyed your visit to a park or garden.

  • Where was it?
  • What it looked like?
  • What you did there?
  • And explain why you liked it there?

Sample Answer of Talk About a Time when You Enjoyed Your Visit to A Park or Garden

Well, I’m a nature lover and love a garden.  Today I would like to talk about when I enjoy quality time with my friends in the garden. It wasn’t a donkey years ago, that time I was a sophomore student and that time one day we had a holiday thus, my peers and I planned to go garden and enjoy the time.

The Garden is not far away from my home, it’s known as ‘Maharana Pratap Parks’. This garden is big and has several facilities even one swimming pool is there, and it’s not free of cost. A river is also on the south side of the park. Hence, visitors can watch the river or river flow there.

That day, before going there, we packed up some convenience food and water bottle. 6 friends have scatting shoes, and they are masters of their own business; thus, firstly, we went to the scatting field where they did these activities and the rest of our audience. Later we sat in a circle and did some chitchat and ate food which we carried.

It was a memorable day, and everyone loved to be there and enjoy the time. In a garden, I feel more relaxed, and all strain vanishes after few times. 

Follow-ups Talk About a Time when You Enjoyed Your Visit to A Park or Garden.

Question 1 Are public gardens significant in your country? 

Answer – Definitely yes, citizens can go there anytime, and without any restriction. However, for getting access or entry in the private garden, a person has to pay an entry charge as well other provisions such as for doing scatting. They need to pay an extra charge for the scatting field.

Question 2 What do you think are the benefits of having gardens in the city?

Answer – Well, I think the biggest benefit is for children and retired people. Children can play there, and senior citizens feel exhaustive in the closed-door or at home. Thus, they can go to the garden and enjoy life. Moreover, fitness lover of gym freak people prefers park for exercise like jogging.

Question 3 Are there any public gardens in your country?

Answer – India is a vast country, and in my country, a myriad of gardens are available, and the majority are public; thus, citizens get access without any charge. Nearby my home 3 parks are available.

Question 4 Do you think there are enough public gardens in your hometown?

Answer – Definitely yes, as I said earlier, a host of gardens are in my city, area wise municipality developed park thus, nearby people go there without any tribulation.

Very often, public gardens are not designed in a simple way but, instead, are laid out in a rather complex way. Why do you think this is the case?

We all know that authority builds anything for a purpose. If the administration developed public gardens in a simple way, then sightseers numbers definitely declined as well as after few times public demand for building new cutting edge technological gardens.

Question 5 Do you think governments should provide public gardens for people to visit?

Answer – Without any doubt, yes, government build a garden for the public, not only a showpiece like a mirror. People pay various taxes to the bureaucrats and expect that, in return, they improve lifestyle and yield provision.

Question 6 What do people do when they go to a public garden?

Answer – I think visitors do a different kinds of activities. Some people go there to hang out and enjoy nature’s beauty while some peo6go there for exercise or yoga such as jogging. Playing games is also another activity which people do in the garden, especially juveniles.

Question 7 What are the benefits of the park in the city?

Answer – Well, having a park in a developed area is common nowadays, and it carries numerous advantages. Children can play there instead of in the street were also accident threats, park nature environment and open-air good for their health. Youth can spend time in the park whereas golden-ager also sit on the bench and pass the time.

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