Describe the Stage/Part of Your Life that You Enjoyed the Most

Describe the stage/part of your life that you enjoyed the most;  You should say:

  • What part is it?
  • Where were you then?
  • What memorable things you did?
  • And explain why this is the most enjoyable part/stage in your life.

Sample Answer of Describe the Stage/Part of Your Life that You Enjoyed the Most

Well, I just turned teenager a couple of years ago. Hence, I didn’t enjoy this stage, so I would like to talk about my childhood stage. When I was a juvenile, I lived with my family in Amreli, which is an underdevelopment area in my state. I feel I’m a lucky duck that I spent this stage in a rural area rather than a megacity. Because their pollution level and environment are sometimes deleterious for tender ager such as its scientific, prove that above 70db sounds forge tribulation for children. Thus, in industrial sites, it is common and not good for health. 

My childhood was unforgettable, and I did many perspicacity things. One instance I remember that I tended to sit on the bike seat, and my father drove around, which makes me ecstatic, and in case I not got then, I started to cry.  I believe that at that age, I haven’t academic pressure and social responsibility. I had spent this stage with enjoyment. At that age, I also learnt many paramount things, such as sharing with others from my parents. I enjoyed that time and was also aware of other methods.

Follow-ups Describe the Stage/Part of Your Life that You Enjoyed the Most.

Question 1 What do you think is the best age in a person’s life?

Answer – Well, I think for enjoyment and cherish life, juvenile age would be best for a person while achieving and completing goals adult life is best. Moreover, after 50 people have a vast majority of experience as well as seen lots of black and white days thus, giving suggestions or being a mentor this age is best. At that age, a person can tackle a critical situation.

Question 2 What is the attitude to older people in your country?

Answer – Well, in India people love golden ager. They have the vast majority of invaluable experience as well as are able to handle situations. People give respect to them and take advice and grace from them. For instance, before starting any work, I touch my grandparent’s feet and also get life lessons from them, which are pivotal in life.

Question 3 Which is the best stage of life in your opinion?

Answer – I believe that childhood is the best stage of life. In that time person have no responsibility and cherish time like a free balloon in the air furthermore, they learn lessons from their guardian and tutor, which describes his or her character or personality, like its seem that if any person misbehaves or rude to others them the majority of people blam to their parent.

Question 4 Is there a stage of life that is more difficult or easier than others?

Answer – As I said earlier, this stage is easier than the other because the person hasn’t social burden or responsibility. They have to get valuable and good stuff as well as enjoy life.

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