Transportation (Public/Private) Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answer

Transportation (public/private) Speaking part 1 Questions With Answers. These are the IELTS Speaking part 1 Topics and Questions on general topics about your life. Your answers will be from your life and experience.

Transportation (public/private) Speaking part 1 Questions With Answer.

Question 1 What’s the most popular means of transportation in your hometown?

Answer – Well, in my area, cabs, bus and auto-rickshaw are available transportation mode, and public buses are popular because it is affordable and complete tripe in public transports is a step towards the environment.

Question 2 How often do you take buses?

Answer – Whenever I’veto goes somewhere at that time, pick bus. Normally I take the bus on a daily basis to go workplace.

Question 3 Can you compare the advantages of planes and trains?

Answer – Well, trains are cheaper whereas plane tickets are costly, and ordinary citizens couldn’t afford it easily although, it is faster.

Question 4 Is driving to work popular in your country?

Answer – Presently, people know driving private vehicles forge conundrum and prefer to use the public mode of transportation. However, a number of still drive themselves to work.

Question 5 Do you think people will drive more in the future?

Answer – Well, I believe in the reverse process. People in the future drive less than currently do; in the future, autonomous cars will develop, and people will not require a driving skill.

Question 6 Would you ride bikes to work in the future?

Answer – I don’t mind driving a bike, the bike is also good for economical management because it maintains less than the car—no need to searching a parking space.

Question 7 What will become the most popular means of transportation in India?

Answer – I think owing to western countries influence, the car will become a popular mode of transportation along with public buses in India, even the number of cardholders rise rapidly here.

Question 8 Do you prefer public transportation or private transportation?

Answer – Well, if it’s a short trip and the area is traffic congestion, I like my own private vehicle. Otherwise, public transport, its tickets are cheap and good for the environment.

Question 9 How did you come here(get here) today?

Answer – Well, from my home to the bus station distance I cover by bike although, after I come here, I come by public bus.

Question 10 Why did you choose that form of transport?

Answer – As I said earlier, rapid use of personal vehicle forge pollution and traffic problem, as well as the authority, get money from it which they use on improving citizen lifestyle thus, I preferred it.

Question 11 What form of transport do you usually use?

Answer – I use a bus which is convenient for me as well as the bus station is nearby my home.

Question 12 Is it convenient to take a bus/taxi in your city?

Answer – Without any doubt, yes, it’s affordable, and a plethora of people use it, especially students and workers.

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