Talk About a Dinner You Really Enjoyed

Talk About a Dinner You Really Enjoyed

  • what it was
  • what did you eat
  • who you were with
  • could you explain why you enjoyed it?

Sample Answer of Talk About a Dinner You Really Enjoyed

There is no doubt if I call myself a foodie because I like to taste various kinds of cuisines. I attend a lot of dinner parties with my friends and a family, but today I would like to talk about a dinner which I attended almost 2 years ago at my friend’s home, and I enjoyed this dinner too much for many reasons.

On that day my friends birthday and she invited me with my other friends to her home. When I visited their home, I saw her mother prepare dinner in the kitchen, and honestly speaking, the smell of the items she prepared I feel in the living room, and after cutting the cake, she served food. Her mother called today made a Punjabi thali in which she provides mustard leaves with curd and Cron chapatis, and buttermilk, which is my favourite drink.

Moreover, as I mentioned earlier, I attend this dinner with my friends. Hence, I enjoyed it a lot on this day because Punjabi food is my favourite one and in her mother’s hands I think magic, as well as the food, is totally hygienic. I ate this food many times before, but the food which I ate at my friend’s house I Don’t forget.

Follow-Ups Talk About a Dinner You Really Enjoyed

Question 1 Why do people like to have special food On special occasions?

Answer – People like to take special food On special occasions because they make their moment more special as well as on their special events, they invite their friends and relatives so if they provide special food, just enjoy it a lot.

Question 2 What is the differences between eating at home and eating out on the special occasion?

Answer – There is a big difference if people eat at home on special occasions so that the host is busy in the kitchen, but if they enjoy their special event with their family and friends, they prefer to eat outside to spend more time with their near and dear ones.

Question 3 What national identity can be seen in the nation’s cuisine?

Answer – There are many identities in the national cuisine if I talk about India as Punjab is a part of India so in Punjab people provide Punjabi thali like mustard leaves with corn parties, and they use butter and card in this food-rich vitamins and minerals so this kind of identity seen in foods according to the nation.

Question 4 Why do global leaders like to gather around for dinner?

Answer – There are many reasons behind this because if global leaders gather dinner the country’s bonding is good as well as it boosts the economy because with the export and import business every country develop more and more day by day so this kind of activities are helpful in the development of any nation.

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