Some People Say It Is More Important to Plant Trees in the Open Spaces

Some People Say It Is More Important to Plant Trees in the Open Spaces

Some people say it is more important to plant trees in the open spaces in towns and cities than build more housing. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Several individuals believe that in the vacant area of the towns planning trees is crucial instead of construction. I partially agree with the given notion, and my inclination will be justified in the following paragraphs, along with the logical conclusion.

There are numerous reasons why I believe that planning a tree is a good option. First and foremost, we all know that due to selfish and commercial purposes, humankind logging or cutting down a tree forges pollution. If people plan trees in the unused area, then it is a stage towards environmental responsibility, and it also spread awareness in the community. Secondly, it is seen that many people misuse open space of cities such as throw plastic bottles and other garbage in addition, because of it nearby people get disease or illness thus, a plantation in this types of area is a better option than free.

On the other hand, layman population has been rising rapidly this, build houses also require otherwise newcomers find difficulty for accommodation and sometimes have to pay a large amount of money Furthermore, because of combination cities, nearby people go in the town for works thus, for living they need a roof. In other words, constructing houses in unused areas and distribution to penurious people woul6be another option.

In conclusion, some people feel that people ought to plant trees in the free area of cities and garden rather than build up new houses and buildings. I believe that it is a good step towards the environment and beneficial especially for the upcoming generation.

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