Describe a Polite Person Whom You Know

Describe a polite person whom you know.
You should say

  • Who is the person?
  • How do you know him/her?
  • And explain why you think this person is polite?

Sample Answer of Describe a Polite Person Whom You Know

Politeness is paramount, and I think we should have to it. I know a host of polite people, but today I would like to talk about one polite person whose I know very nearly.

He is none other than my uncle, and I have seen him for many years and my childhood days. He is cool as a cucumber, and he decides by the mind rather than the heart, which aid to make the perfect decision if he thinks to heart, then though are also an emotional connection.

As a result, in our colony, many people come after the clash. My uncle is always willing to help others and stimulate others, and I am one of that encouraged people.

I have seen several hot-potato situations where he had to hold his house and tackled situations. He has no rush to others. He behaves the same way even if you are angry with him or slap on his face.

I learnt a myriad of life lessons from him. Due to his politeness nature, I can bet that every person like them, even someone not met him still.

I have never seen him talking to a high tone voice; his relationship with his wife and daughter, I mean, my cousin and my aunt, is also good.

Follow-ups Describe a Polite Person Whom You Know.

Question 1 Do you think you are a polite person?

Answer – Yes, I think I have politeness, my nature is cool, and people also like my polite behaviour. I don’t speak rudely with anyone, and I try to help anyone who comes to me; I try my best to fulfil helper demands.

Question 2 How do you show politeness?

Answer – Well, I don’t think I can see others politeness nor other; it is the same as a mirror, just reflection.

Question 3 Do you think politeness is important?

Answer – Yes, of course, we have to be polite, and it is not for ourselves but also for community important.

Question 4 In your opinion, why is it important to show respect to others?

Answer – Respect is the same as politeness; if we have to get respect from others, we ought to others. Otherwise, we cant get it. In India, our culture teaches us to respect other such as older people.

Question 5 Can you give me some other examples of how people show politeness in your Country?

Answer – Indians are polite people. They show it in many ways, such as help to others who need it, taking care of older people and talking with them in good manners and with respectively. Moreover, pupils give stand up welcome to tutor when they enter the classroom.

Question 6 Can you think of any examples when young children are not very polite?

Answer – Unfortunately, today’s youth and children are not polite. For example, they do not listen to their parents and sometimes behave like animals. As well when giving advice then not follow it.

Question 7 Do you think telling lies is impolite? OR Are there any times when it might be polite To tell a lie?

Answer – To be honest, I think lies is not impolite if you told a lie to someone for some reason. Sometimes lies also save someone relations. The Hindu holy book the Geeta also says that for dharma, telling a lie is okay. However, telling lies regularly is impolite; it also forges a bad impression on others minds.

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