Talk About a Line that You Remember from A Poem or Song

Talk About a Line that You Remember from A Poem or Song

Talk about a line that you remember from a poem or song; You should say

  • What is it?
  • What poem is it from?
  • How did you know about it?
  • How do you feel about it?

Sample Answer of Talk About a Line that You Remember from A Poem or Song

Well, singing and painting are natural skills, and people can improve them by burning midnight. I love to humming a song or lyrics of the poem. To be honest, I don’t have the mellifluous voice as a professional singer, although my voice is enough to like my song.

Today I would like to talk about when I sang a song for the first time in front of an audience. It was the national anthem of India. Ravindranath Tagore wrote it. The majority of phrases are in the Bengali and Sanskrit language; however, it converted into Hindi for making it easy. It was donkey years ago when I was a primary school student. During that time, to enhance and improve other learners’ skills, school management added new classes such as singing and dancing once a week.

One day our singing tutor told me to sing a song in front of my classmates. I was astonished and went to the stage. I was confused about which sing I’veto sing. Thus, he suggested I sing the national anthem. Before starting the song, a butterfly running into my stomach. When I started, I felt like my sound is cutting or the tones of voice have fluctuated.

Later I completed a song, and everyone clapped for me. When I return to my bench, my full body was still vibrating, and my heartbeats were also high. I feel proud because I completed my task. Moreover, owing to this experience, my shyness vanished, and I love to share the stage.

Follow-Ups Talk About a Line that You Remember from A Poem or Song

Question 1 Are you good at memorizing things?

Answer – To be honest, I’m not master at remembering things although, I try my best to memorize them. For that, I repeat things in my mind and after few times, repeat them.

Question 2 Do you think children like the rhythm of songs or poems?

Answer – Well, I believe that children love the rhythm of a song rather than lyrics. Memorizing whole songs or poems is not easy as pie for juveniles, and they love songs because of their beats. For instance, my mother told me that I tended to dance when I heard beats when I was a child.

Question 3 Do you think it is easier for children to learn songs or poems than adults?

Answer – Definitely yes, children have no responsibilities or social burden. Thus, they can learn things easily, whereas adults have occupational and family strain and have to learn other pivotal things, so, no piece of cake for them.

Question 4 What can people learn from songs or poems?

Answer – I think writers or authors write songs or poems for a purpose. People can learn something from it; for instance, the famous poem ‘ delighted night’ is written by Robert jr. In 1887, people can learn the value of nature from it; however, modern songs are for enjoyment nowadays.

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