Talk About a Long Car Journey You Went On

Talk about a long car journey you went on.

  • Where you went.
  • What you did at this place.
  • Who you went therewith.
  • And Explain why you went on that journey by car.

Sample Answer of Talk About a Long Car Journey You Went On

Well, I am adventure love as well as love to travel. One of my dreams is that travel worldwide. To be honest, I haven’t a private car, although today I would like to talk about when I travelled in my uncle’s car. It wasn’t donkey years ago, roughly 2 and half years ago before the corona pandemic, I’d Diwali holiday, and generally, I’d plan with pears, but for any reason, it was cancelled.

My uncle lives in the heart of India, Delhi, and he works in surat, so, during breaks, he usually goes to the home and spends quality time there. I was alone; thus, I decided to give him company and celebrate Diwali with my aunt and cousin. Capital of India not nearby, from my home to there distance is roughly 1000 KM. Before starting our journey, we fill up the gas tank. We took 4 breaks, and I’ve also car driving license so, whenever my uncle feel tired, I drove and when he did.

In Delhi, I met my uncle’s family, and I celebrated Diwali and the new year there. It was an unforgettable time, but I come back after staying there 13 days due to my college reopen. It was a memorable time; I enjoy car trips and cherish moments. We make made that boring time into a happy time.

Follow-ups Talk About a Long Car Journey You Went On.

Question 1 what will cars be like in the future?

Answer – I think decades later, cars will be autonomous or run by robots; moreover, manufacturers will design cars on safety basis, and speed will be high. Even that artificial intelligence car is under development presently.

Question 2 What’s the difference between men’s and women’s preferences for cars?

Answer – Well, men purchase cars after seeing specifications or configurations like engine capacity, what is an average mile, while women like to cars outer look and worth.

Question 3 What are the differences between bicycles and private cars?

Answer – Well, both transportation modes are private although the bike is convinced and has less maintenance; however, people can travel long distances journey on a car comfortably. Additionally, bed weather does not affect on ride or drive. People can ho in the group.

Question 4 Why do people like to have private cars?

Answer – As I said earlier, they can travel in any weather. For instance, in the rainy season, it’s hard to drive a bike while driving a car without any problems. Furthermore, people can go whenever they want. Some people like it because they want to show it to the community or friends, relatives.

Question 5 Is it a good thing that everyone has his/her own cars?

Answer – In my opinion, this advancement is beneficial for individuals although have bad consequences for the environment and themselves in many cases. Like it forges traffic and pollution levels as well as threats to natural resources, especially crude oil.

Question 6 How to buy private cars in India?

Answer – It’s the same process as in foreign countries has. Buyers can buy it in cash or on EMI, and some also buy it on loan. After purchasing, they also get some free services.

Question 7 Do many families own private cars in India?

Answer – Well, I don’t think most families have their own car like have a smartphone. But, the majority of people have their own bikes in India. Car is expensive, and a plethora of families can’t afford it. Like in my family we haven’t a car.

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