Cue Card : Talk About Your Favourite Day of the Week

Cue Card: Talk About Your Favourite Day of the Week; You should say:

  • What day is it?
  • What do you usually do on that day?
  • How is this day different to you from other days of the week?
  • And explain why this is your favourite day of the week?

Sample Answer of Cue Card: Talk About Your Favourite Day of the Week

I love all days although one of my favourites is Saturday and today I would like to talk about it. I’m a fitness lover and do some exercise; thus, I get up early in the morning; however, I walk up a couple of hours late this day. I’m a student, and I am doing a part-time job, so I have a hectic work schedule during weekdays. My father also has off-day so, this is the day where family is together.

My Saturday morning start with a cup of tea and tabloid; after competing for exercise and house chores, I watch television with my family. We make dinner at home. Hence, my mom cooked a brunch, and we took a family dinner. I’m the evening I go out with my friends.

This day I also watch a new release movie, this day I’ve no work, I’m free and cherish the time which my family and mates or peers.

This day I do a host of things that I don’t do during bank days, as this is the day where I spend time with my loveable people. At night I am also over the moon because the next day is Sunday, and tomorrow sunrise also comes with more fun and excitement.

Follow-ups Cue Card: Talk About Your Favourite Day of the Week.

Question 1 Which day of the week do you like most?

Answer – To be honest, I love all days, although Sunday is my favourite day of the week. This day my father has a break, and I too; hence, our Sunday morning start with a sip of a cup of tea and breakfast. Later I watch a few time television with my family and also take dinner at night.

Question 2 How can You enjoy Sunday at home?

Answer – Well, as I mentioned earlier, I spend my Sunday with my family and friends. This day I also spend quality time with my parents as well as in case some informal guests come, then we entertain them.

Question 3 What do families do on Sunday?

Answer – I think it depends upon family, some families prefer to go on a picnic or any other place whereas, some people only sit at home and do chitchat together. Going to a hotel or restaurant for dinner at night is also popular, especially in urban areas, that day getting a table is not easy as pie before few hours.

Question 4 How do You enjoy the fun and enjoy life?

Answer – I do a myriad of things for relaxation and to cherish life. For instance, I love to play video games and solving puzzles especially cross word puzzles. Additionally, hang out with friends, and I’m an inebriated person; thus, I also do new adventure activities.

Question 5 What do you think about names of the days important in everyone’s life

Answer – Definitely yes, days name is pivotal same as our name, its identity. If days name is not unique, then it also forges tribulation. Moreover, people schedules get breaks.

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