In Today’s World of Advanced Science and Technology

In today’s world of advanced science and technology, many still greatly value artists such as musicians, painters, and writers. What can the arts tell us about life that science cannot?

Various technological and scientific advancements have tremendously modified our lifestyle, and the way this is expanding, we are expected to have a far better lifestyle in the future than in the current era. We have already ushered in a new era of previously unknown and unimaginable feats of technological development and the grateful to scientific discovery and more and more inventions alone. Despite this, arts, culture, and traditions still have so much to teach us, and this is why we still value arts and artists.

Firstly, arts teach us where science is silent is the appreciation of life. In science, there is little value in beauty if something does not work. Thus a piece of abstract art has a deficiency of meaning in science but has great stories to tell when we consider it an art. Additionally, in the world of arts, alluring facts only matter in and of themselves, whereas in science, the only true measure is whether it works or not. For instance, if we listen to the music of Mozart, we can learn about harmony and joy through the medium of music, or if we read classical novels, the past world reveals itself to us. Moreover, when we look back at the stars on a dark night, we appreciate the beauty, and arts have taught us to appreciate this beauty.

Secondly, The great artists tell us about the true joys of life; thus, a classic book can teach us more about life than a biology book can. We do not need to understand arts to appreciate music, books, or art exhibition, but we need to understand scientific theories to understand how something really works. The artists reflect the life and teach us to learn about our inner values. When we start appreciating arts, we start living life to its fullest and live for others. However, it is true that the dimension of science is really essential for equalizing the balance of inner and external values of one’s self.

In conclusion, science and technology have made our physical world more comfortable in this century and will keep bringing new amusements in our daily life whereas arts and humanities have taught us to appreciate life, to live for a reason.

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