Cue Card : Talk about a Working Place that You Know

Cue Card: Talk about a Working Place that You Know

  • What kind of workplace is it?
  • How do you know this place?
  • What do People do there?
  • How do you feel about this place?

Sample Answer of Cue Card: Talk about a Working Place that You Know

I have gone to different work locations as part of my community curriculum; at that time, we intended to visit a glass manufacturing factory; the factory, which consists of 5 stories, and the 3rd and 4th floor were allocated for manufacturing glasses. The company manager’s office and one conference room were located on the last floor where almost all our theoretical classes were held. I think more than 200 people were working in each shift; it’s located in a rural area and working around the clock. The workers were such amiable people and talked too much regarding the production process steps as we couldn’t grab excellent deal attention as giant machines did the most jobs. The workers are only doing cutting and shaping the glasses as per the requirements. It’s more like an insightful visit for me because I studied many things from there; I felt kind gratitude towards the workers as they spent plenty of time orienting us around the factories. They made us feel free, and more than a field trip, its heart-touching trip was for us.

Follow-Up Questions Cue Card: Talk about a Working Place that You Know

Question 1 Is it easy to find a job in India?

Answer – Well, it’s not an easy task to get a job in India. India is a developing country. There are an array of reasons contributing to this lack of developments, on that the primary thing is the unemployment. For instance, more professionals after graduation flee to foreign countries to get a job and settle down. As you can see, I’m also one of them; when I completed my graduation, there weren’t any available vacancies for my job. When I went for the interviews, the HR personnel kept asking me about the experience. How do I suppose to get an experience certificate without joining anywhere? So I believe it’s not an easy procedure to get a job in India.

Question 2 What should the government do if there is unemployment?

Answer – The first thing that came into my mind is that the government will promote small-scale enterprises against large enterprises and encourage new growth centers in both urban and rural areas, which increases job vacancies. On top of that, I am reorienting the educational standards and subsidizing the basis of employment. I believe that doing all these actions can bring together a reduction in unemployment to an extent.

Question 3 Is a high salary significant?

Answer – Yes ….very much, getting a high salary is directly proportional to the improved living standards. Getting a lot of money into the account can plan life according to the funds; moreover, due to globalization, price tags are climbing. On top of that high salary give a sort of prestige and value in the society. For instance, most famous people in India are seated at the top of the societal hierarchy. Mukesh Ambani, Vijay Mallya, so on…

Question 4 Is it ok to do a job you like with a low salary?

Answer – Well, more than the monetary figure, job satisfaction, and self-care are more important for some people. So such people will always be ready to do the jobs at a lower salary. If you like the job and it gives you happiness and relaxation while doing that also if not depend on the more money, then anyone can do the job. There are a few people were out there whose passion and profession are the same.

Question 5 Are there any big companies in your country?

Answer – Indeed, India is a developing country, which consists of a myriad of factories and companies. For instance, TATA motors and Reliance digital are old but still popular companies in India. Recently there a lot of booming business is also there.

Question 6 How can a small company grow big?

Answer – Well… There is an array of contributing factors there for a small company to enlarge. Firstly strong determination and courage are needed, withstand the storms and not giving up and Careful monitoring of financial figures. Morethan that assembling good quality materials and good healthy workers will improve the production. Adequate advertisement will enhance the sale as well. Superficially these all factors, to an extend, improve the .growth of a small business into large enterprises.

Question 7 Should big companies be punished more seriously if they break the law?

Answer – I would say it’s not necessary to punish them more, but if they make a mistake, then they have to face the consequences. But most of the countries, for example in India itself, the big companies always fail to pay their taxes, and it will not bring out into the society’s light or even not even reports this news by a single channel l, it’s only because the power of big companies will make a deal with these people including with the government. Consequently, if it’s happened to a small company, then it will definitely take into society, and it will be the hot news on that day. So no need to punish them more but punish them with the absolute laws which serve the nation. Then this action will be a role model to every other company to follow their line.

Question 8 What are the differences between big companies and small companies?

Answer – The first thing that came to my mind was the structure of organizations. Most of the small companies have only a small spacious cost place with 4 or 5 employees, but in big companies, they are well established so they might have a big company with more than 100 staff. Moreover, the number of salary rewards and perks also will be limited in small businesses, whereas in the larger company for in order to improve the company outcome, the employers tend to offer various sponsorships programs. On top of that, the annual company turns over more of like cheese and chalk for large and small companies.

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