Describe a Creative Person Whose Work You Admire

Describe a creative person whose work you admire; You should say

Who this person is,

How you know this person,

What creative things this person likes to do,

Why do you admire this person

Sample Answer of Describe a Creative Person Whose Work You Admire

I think everyone is creative in their own way. Some people showcase their talent in the kitchen, some in the garden and some in crafts & arts. Sometimes people with good creative talent are shy, but their work becomes so popular, and thus creativity cannot be hidden. Here I would talk about my father.

He is very good at gardening and making new recipes in the kitchen. Let’s talk about gardening skills. He has used all the plastic waste to make small pots and kept them on our balcony; he also has decorated the pots with colored tapes, which mesmerize us whenever we look at them. To make a composite, he used cooked tea leaves, which generally people use to throw in dust bins, and currently, my father has planted almost 15-18 pots with those plastics.

Also, he is very good at the kitchen as well. He made the pizza from chapati and also made delicious sandwiches with normal ingredients, and in addition to that, he also makes tandoori naan and lacha paratha at home with the help of a cooker. I always admire him because of his eagerness to learn something new, which makes him energetic and also it leads to happiness.

Follow-ups Describe a Creative Person Whose Work You Admire.

Question 1 Do you think you are a creative person?

Answer – As a creative person, I would rate myself 7 out of 10 because I always tried to make Instagram reels which are unique all the time, and also I have invented many dishes which are not mentioned anywhere on google or youtube

Question 2 Is it good for children to learn arts?

Answer – I always believe that one has to improve his creative skills because it opens their mind and learning art is one of the things which gives you a chance to know yourself and learn yourself.

Question 3 What kind of jobs require people to be creative?

Answer – I believe the music and film industry is the most creative industry; whether it is music or a script, one has to be creative enough.

Question 4 Do you think leaders need to have the creative ability?

Answer – I believe Creative means something new and unique, and if we check the past history of our leaders, they all have some unique thinking ability which makes them a good leaders by which they can have an impact on society. So I think leaders need to be creative if they want a change.

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