Some People Believe That Children Should Do Sports So That They Will Grow Up

Some people believe that children should do sports so that they will grow up as healthy adults, but others feel sports are just about enjoying yourself. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Many individuals feel that children ought to play sports games that aid them to live healthy lives in teenage time; however, others argue that this is only for cherish time. Both the notion have own pros and cons, and therefore before commenting my decision, I will discuss both views in the following paragraphs and a logical conclusion.

On the one hand, children have leisure time, and in this stage of life, they have no social burden and responsibilities, when they play sports they learn a host of other things which use them in later life as per scientists, playing games have the same worth as doing exercises or yoga. Starting this in the early stage of life also lead to continuing in future. Additionally, they also learn other things, such as leadership.

On the other hand, the basic means of sports is enjoyment for some people. Juveniles mind is not enough developed to absorb healthy and fitness kind of things as well as if they play the sport in that age, and get addictive then loss focus on academic study hence, get a low score in the final result. Furthermore, we all know that in the stage of life they have free because later they have hectic study and vocational schedule hence, cherish moments while playing sports is a better option.

In conclusion, playing sports at starting age of life would bring health or enjoyment is debate. I believe that for living healthier teenagers and later life, start it where they are children would bring more benefits than time pass game.

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