Some Believe That People Should Make Efforts to Fight Climate Change

Some believe that people should make efforts to fight climate change, while others think it is better to learn to live with it. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

It is considered by most people hard working on environmental transformations as a better way in which we can survive abundantly. At the same time, the alternative persons believed that just to live their life with it and experience all the changes in the safest practice for them. In my opinion, learning how to face difficulties is crucial since human beings are not sufficiently strong to combat the environment. But, I strongly agree that we can absolutely make some development in the land if more human beings are patient and stand with it.

Firstly, the consideration of climate change is terrifying to the individual and is literally awful at the same time. A lot of people are killed by detrimental variations. In other words, A multitude of people is struggling to look after their forest or houses determine to prevent fire, considering that if there is an explosion, a thousand people, either in the forest animals and plants, will certainly suffer. Moreover, that can undoubtedly create an unhealthy environment for others. It can adapt healthy life for the people such as breathing difficulty because of excessive smoke not only about the loss of our love once and money. For example, in the past decade, California had to face a huge fire in its forest that killed a thousand people and animals that probably devastated the city. Be it so, and it is time to wake up and make an obvious decision to take care of our city. As proof, it is ultimately perilous for everyone.

However, there are furthermore many concepts we cannot prevent if, without human knowledge, climate revolution can honestly demolish human beings and animals. As a matter of fact, there are always a thousand infections that can most likely be transmitted all over the world from our ancestors. Individuals are suffering from the fruits and meat they consumed. They carry an infection from one country to another. How to prevent all these infections and the creation of all these diseases? That was the reason a large number of people are giving up on ruling out its unpredictable damages. For instance, as we all acknowledge about covid 19, a superfluous of people are received the infection and demise as we heard and incremental than that to prevent ourselves from pandemic disease. But, those who have already been injected are also still can get the disease. In addition, many humans have avoided themselves by not going out from home, and the government is determined to protect their country as much as they can to optimist for a better one in upcoming years.

To conclude, scrutinize with the conflict of holding the environment safely the most essential is the population to obey our minister either everybody must start to be the pioneer in to save for their cities, the world to rise for future on top of that, be courage for the situation what life goes on as it takes us.

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