Talk About an Interesting Tradition in Your Country

Talk about an interesting tradition in your country, you should say;

-What is it?
– Who takes part in it?
– What activities are there?
– And explain how you feel about it?

Ans; The most traditional which usually captivated most of our tourism in my hometown is we call it Young Mizo Association Day(Y.M.A) day it’s a giant festival for us. We always celebrate every year. On June 15 we usually celebrated for 2 days. It is splendid, and the fascinating one in my country for the populations not only for tourists but also for tourists.

We all can participate on that day from youngsters to old age if they are interested, it’s a bustle and hustle times for us in June month definitely, most parents do not tell aloud their children to go outside its really crowded moreover, We always practice before the day come every evening in a field we ran to enjoy with a group of friends, we actually have a numeral of dance, but on that day, we most likely perform Bamboo dance its like male will create music with a bamboo stick.

Females will dance the fact that we must dance depend on music flow that was literally difficult indeed. So, we usually practice a lot and need time to learn before the authentic day comes. Genuinely, those participants will wear our cultural customs male and female are perform in a huge stadium. Sometimes on the roadside, it’s quite appealing and tempting to dance for those whoever dances as well specifically, for the tourist its a mesmerizing and spectacles for them to see a thousand of peoples dance on a large field it was marvel furthermore we always have many visitors in that month I suppose, as proof of this celebration people are desire to experience to gather with families and friends to create distinctive memories.

I love being there on that day. It’s absolutely stunning to capture photos, and dance with them was the moment of happiness which I would ever speculate in my life it’s magnificent. Nevertheless, when that day finished, it’s literally a swamped time for us since we have to clean up everything like before, but we all do love it very much.

Part 3 Questions Talk About an Interesting Tradition in Your Country

1. Do you think teenagers should learn about traditions?

Ans; I would say yes, teenagers should acknowledge the culture and folklore. Since it’s their instinct and can literally control their future as well to provide them knowledge when they begin with the alternative races, not only that, it can absolutely assist them in many ways. If they know about their ancient practices that can takeover them in their life by providing happiness and can lead to the leaders as well in future people will certainly respect them from their knowledge.

2. What is the importance of traditional festivals?

Ans; As far as I know, the traditional festival is crucial for the population. Most people will respect and follow all the sequence whatever concept to complete before the day come itself. A traditional festival is essential since our instinct and we human beings are showing respect and participating in many activities. We usually don’t celebrate every month some festival comes hardly once a year. Furthermore, they have specific names and different celebrations as well considering that the reasons it’s important.

3. What’s the difference between festivals now and in the past?

Ans; Oh well, that is a good question, I am not clued up with that much, but in my knowledge, there is precisely a multitude of distinctive now and in the past. Apparently, nowadays when the festival and all comes means we don’t celebrate much hardly unlike in the past we just celebrate it without caring why we call it a festival. We literally just flow how life takes us. In the past, people are enjoying and celebrating the meaning of what they enjoy for they really knew it and set the place and complete it how it must be and do it accordingly, which is why I reckon there is a huge difference.

4. Do you think western country festivals like Christmas are replacing traditional festivals in our country?

Ans: To be honest, I don’t think soo; Christmas is indeed a huge festival worldwide, especially for Christian. It’s such a meaningful one, and that was what we celebrated every year-end as well. So, it wouldn’t replace any traditional festival in other countries, I suppose. The traditional festival is having a month as we usually celebrate in the middle of the month and Christmas can’t cover up everything hands down.

5. Do you think it is wrong for children not to celebrate the traditional festival?

Ans; I would say yes, to tell you the truth, a traditional festival there is no distinction from elder to adolescents we all can enjoy the right together. We cannot separate those children since we anticipate they wouldn’t understand the means of their celebration. Instead, we must involve and teach them to do what they experience to assist them when they grow up. It’s indispensable to share with our children about our rituals, leading them to have literally immense pleasure and adore it in their lifestyle.

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