People Have More Money to Spend Than They Had Earlier

In some countries, people have more money to spend than they had earlier, due to which they are buying more and more things. Do you think it is a positive development or negative?

Its seen that humankind use more money if they have more. In a host of countries, this scenario is in a trend that citizens purchase more things than requirements, whether useful or not. I strongly believe that this is a negative development; my inclination will be justified in the following paragraphs, along with a logical conclusion.

There are numerous reasons behind it that indicate this advancement is negative in economics and the market. First and foremost, owing to this trend, in-market, some items get into shortage. As a result, the prize will definitely sore which has a detrimental effect on customers, especially penurious people. Secondly, for buying things in bulk, the huge amount of money required thus, economically burden, spending the majority of the money on shopping also forge to cut another usage moreover, each and everything has an expired date, after purchase its waste or garbage material if not get into use.

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However, it also carries few advantages. In this contemporary fast-running life, most citizens have busy work schedules; thus, buying stuff in bulk saves time and resources like travelling costs. For example, purchase things for 15 or 20 days in one shopping, some needed and some predicted. In addition, in mega mall purchaser also eligible to reward or discount if items amount cross limit. Such as the cart value is over $200, then the customer gets a 30% discount.

To sum up, owing to a healthy salary, the past myriad of citizens buy more and more things in many countries no matter require or not. I believe that this tendency has bad consequences for the community and national; however, for customers, this is positive.

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