Talk About a Lazy Person You Know

Talk About a Lazy Person You know-

  • Who is the person?
  • How well do you know him?
  • What makes this person lazy?
  • What should he do to improve?

When I got this cue card, I couldn’t remember a particular person; then, suddenly, one name popped into my mind: our colony’s Rajesh uncle.

We live in the same colony, and Rajesh’s uncle is a well-respected person in our colony. He has one son who is my friend, although not much as we are cutting the same clothes. Vocationally he is a shopkeeper, and his shop is in our society.

He has one serious illness, obesity. His weight is above a century kilograms. This is primarily the reason behind being lazy Rajesh’s uncle additionally, as I know he tried a plethora of cures to overcome weight and get the body in shape; however, unfortunately, no one cure effective for him.

This disease also affects his professional. For instance, when a customer goes to his shop, he has to stand up and complete the demand. Sometimes when a customer wants to buy some stuff, Rajesh’s uncle asked them to take it and tell them to do voluntary work. Some people don’t like it and try to avoid buying things from there again.

And I believe that when others do their work, it motivates them. If others denied, then he is not lazy as he is now. I don’t have a memory like an elephant, but several months back, he joined a gym to overcome weight as well as he wants abundant of doctors. No one clinic or hospital in our city where he did not wants the cure.

Once his son also told me that he also tried traditional cures like drink 1 glass of lemon water in the early morning before mouth wash Moreover, no change was seen after dieting.

He is a gentleman and polite person, but due to his laziness, many people hate them.

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Part 3 Follow-ups Talk About a Lazy Person You Know

How can a lazy person make money?

Well, I don’t think making money and the lazy person has a connection; however, in this world, a host of jobs where a lazy person has a chance to make money, for example, driving a taxi or driver.

How to motivate lazy people?

I believe that, for stimulating lazy person, close circle such as family members, friends, and relatives play a significant role. Furthermore, follow a routine schedule and watch motivational speeches is also helpful. Some people also prefer yoga, exercise, and mental concentration, which succors them to not being lazy.

According to you, what characteristics define a lazy person?

To be honest, there are no specific symptoms that illustrate that a person is lazy. However, a lazy person’s confidence level is below, and afraid to get a new opportunity. Additionally, not competing for regular work or tasks is also a sign of laziness.

According to you, can a lazy person be successful?

In my opinion, everyone can touch the Star. The Lazy person also gets success for their hard work and belief in faith. There are a plethora of examples around the world where before got a taste of success, and person tended to be lazy.

Do you think a lazy person to do a difficult job?

Well, I believe that being lazy is not only difficult for the job but also in routine life. In other words, the students who are lazy about doing the regular reading, this is difficult her or his in exam time because he or she has to read whole yearbooks instead of revisions.

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