Describe a Film About a Real Person or Events

Describe a film about a real person or events

  • When and where you saw this movie,
  • What person or event the film was about,
  • What happened in the film,
  • How you felt about this film

Sample Answer of Describe a Film About a Real Person or Events

Well, I’m not a film lover and do not watch every single movie after release. Today I would like to talk about a movie that I saw during corona lockdown, and it was based in real-time. It’s an unforgettable army. In the corona epidemic, our lives got slow like brake, in middle of march Indian government imposed lockdown, that time I was stuck at home.

If my brain memory train is right, this movie was released in May 2020, and the main theme of the film was the 1940s Indian army which revolutionary man Subhash Chandra bose forged. For Indian freedom, he was the lover of violent ways, whereas other freedom men are on the non-violence path. Thus, after differing from them, he went to Japan, and with their help, he developed a new army, which preferred an indirect route for fighting against the English people. In a movie, their story is described.

After watching that film, it gave goosebumps to me, and I felt like saluting those soldiers who gave their own blood for Indian freedom. Their name will have remained in the golden word in my country history. Actors and filmmakers also turn midnights to shows that movie as its real shooted video. I loved that movie, and I repeated it s a host time as well, as I would love to see it whenever I open my laptop.

Follow-ups Describe a Film About a Real Person or Events.

Question 1 Do you think films have any educational benefits?

Answer – Not every, although many films have educational benefits. Producers or directors, and writers also make some films to spreading awareness and teaching some wisdom. For example, the film ‘ tare jami per ‘ is a Hindi film, and people, especially students, learn how to excel and enhance their work.

Question 2 In what ways are documentary films and films only for entertainment different?

Answer –Documentary film is based on real past events; thus, most scenes match with is whereas the movie which makes only for entertain people are unrealistic and added spicy themes and stories.

Question 3 Why do you think documentary films are not so popular?

Answer – I think watchers love to see a movie which entertains them as well as they have no penny interest in history and real events; as a result, documentary film is tired to death for them, and they hate it.

Question 4 How are movies and real life different?

Answer – In real life, we face a different problem and fight hard to get rid of it. Moreover, experience is also key to success in life while, in reel life, the movie is for entertainment purposes. In other words, for alluring people, filmmakers add emotional, romantic and other crime scenes.

Question 5 Do men and women like to watch the same kinds of films?

Answer – Yes, I think men are more likely to watch racing and crime films such as war and fighting movies. Women like to watch romantic films and home base stories.

Question 6 Do different age groups like the same kinds of films?

Answer – I don’t think all ager love the same kind of movie except few. For instance, cartoon base film is an Apple of eyes for juveniles or children while golden-ager like to watch their generation-old films.

Question 7 Do you like any particular film star? Why?

Answer – Yes, I die heart fan of Paul Walker, I watched his all movie, and fast and furious franchise films are my favourite. Unfortunately, in 2013 he passed away in a car accident. But the fortune of his name never declined. It’s still shining.

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