Describe a Friend or Person Who Recently Got Success

Describe a Friend or Person Who Recently Got Success

Describe a friend or person who recently got success

You should say

  • Who was the person?
  • How do you know him/her?
  • How did he/she get success?
  • What did you feel?
  • Why do you think it is important?

Sample Answer of Describe a Friend or Person Who Recently Got Success

Well, I don’t have a list of mates. Today I would like to talk about one of my friends who got success recently. I’m a computer science student, we both were in the same batch.his name is Keyur. He is not only my college friend, and we first time met in primary school day. We were also live in the same colony, and we are like cutting the same clothes.

After completing graduation, he started a job. And after getting some experience, he started to build his own company where iOS and applications build.  It wasn’t a cutting the cake task. He needs to find the place as well as resources such as computers, employees etc.

Start own business in a developed area is also expensive. He was working for at least 8 months to attach all the puzzle code.  It was solved after discussing with others, and others help, and he opened his own developing office.  When I heard this news, I was ecstatic for him. He burns midnight to accomplish, and finally, he got his destiny. Well, it was his ane of the dream he tended to tell me when we were sophomore students. He works really hard thus, if he is not got success, then it’s unfair. 

Follow-ups Describe a Friend or Person Who Recently Got Success.

Question 1 Do you think childhood friendship can last for long?

Answer – Well, it depends on buddy. I think childhood mates know each other better as well as have storage for each other. In the majority of cases, this relationship is longtime.

Question 2 Is it important that people should have good friendships while at work?

Answer – Without any doubt, yes, a good relationship with workers is also good for communication. If a person is alone, then there is a high chance that he or she can feel lonely and take less interest in the task, which is also deleterious for the institution.

Question 3 What qualities do you think are necessary for success in life?

Answer – I strongly believe that a person has communication skills and a master of his own realm for success in life. Having a piece of knowledge is also crucial. Moreover, some people that the only bookworm gets success which is tire without bike thought.

Question 4 Do you think having a lot of money can be seen as an achievement?

Answer – Well, I think money and accomplishment have no interconnection. The passion of work and dedication describe achievement. 

Question 5 Is it good or bad for a person to be successful when he is still young?

Answer – Well, I have got a double-minded opinion about this statement. If a person gets success at a young age, they have a chance that he or she can excel in achievement and touch a new sky. However, if star kids do not handle stardom, they shifted badly like gambling or became intrepid.

Question 6 Do you think you are a person that feels happy easily?

To be honest, yes, I’m a student, and whenever I work hard for specific output and if it’s on my side, it makes me over the seven heavens. For instance, 2 days ago, I was developing a website page, and I was stuck in one glitch; after working 7 hours, its solve. It makes me ecstatic.

Question 7 Do rich people or poor people often feel happier?

Answer – Well, a person financial status can’t describe happiness. Around the world, a plethora of examples illustrates that some affluent people find difficulty getting sleep and taking tablets around the world. In contrast, some penurious find happiness in bits of the moment.

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